AUTOart New McLaren P1 GTR #51 •

AUTOart New McLaren P1 GTR #51

Team AUTOart unveils new images of their upcoming 1:18 McLaren P1 GTR #51 in Yellow with Green Stripes.  Model is build in the 2015 platform and features composite panel and access to the interior bits only.  Overall the initial images look sweet, but 100% access to rear and front would have been the icing on the cake!

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9 Responses to "AUTOart New McLaren P1 GTR #51"

  1. Nitro Gaming says:

    Is the front and back sealed for cost cutting or McLaren isn’t allowing AUTOart?

  2. Hamad Almuftah says:

    I got mine from tecnomodels number 12/50

  3. Rafa says:

    Once again, Autoart, due to their composite body, are changeing natural looking of the colours: yellow looks like lime gold and for the Porsche 918 white looks like dirty white, almost light gray. Please Autoart, find a way to keep the colours as we know it, we are not blind!

    • Steve says:

      Actually Porsche 918 white isn’t pure white but greyish white so it’s correct.
      Ans also it’s already mentioned that the yellow paint on sample of P1 GTR will be corrected

  4. Uzair says:

    Sorry DS, but “composite panel” is not a correct term. The panels are plastic, the models are called “composite” only because of the hybrid nature with plastic body and metal chassis.

    • Martin says:

      No composite means it’s a combination of materials. Yes it’s plastic, but it’s a special plastic and every brand that uses this combination calls it like that.
      It has noting to do with a metal body chassis. Revell used the same word and they didn’t had these metal inner chassis.

  5. Deth7890 says:

    Wish they’ll do the same thing with the Mclaren F1

  6. Manny M. says:

    AutoArt Composite??? Its AutoArt Plastic! Plastic! and more PLASTICCCC!!!

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