AutoCult Models New July Releases •

AutoCult Models New July Releases

AutoCult Models is back this month with four new gems, all in 1:43 scale.  The feature is the cool looking 1946 Rapid Kleinwagen, more on the car below.  Other new models included the following:

Manta Ray 1953
DKW Stromlinien Versuchswagen (D)
Volkswagen Country Buggy 1967

About the Rapid Kleinwagen…  “On the run from the Nazis the Jewish engineer Josef Ganz emigrated to Switzerland during World War II. Due to his foreign nationality he was not allowed to incorporate his own business. So he was looking for a manufacturer, which was willing to produce his two-seated subcompact in series.  Finally he found a partner in the company Rapid Motormäher AG. In summer 1944 a separate workshop was established, whereat the serial production shortly afterwards began. With a power of 8 hp the only 400 kg weighing two-seater reached high-speed of almost 70 km/h. The subcompact went on sale under the designation Rapid. For 3,600 Swiss frank the buyer got a solid, elaborate and agile car for the short Swiss post-war era. A folding front hood and the openable engine compartment at the rear simplified the maintenance of the two-seater. Weather protection was ensured through a soft top, which could be buttoned to the windshield. At first sight the Rapid seemed to have all the markings of a popular and successful car, but it met with no success. Already in the beginning of 1947 the management decided to cease the production of little two-seater.  One of the in total 36 built cars can be admired in the Swiss museum of transportation in Lucerne, where it is part of the exhibition today.”

Product# 06019 / 04010 / 03012 / 05015

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