BBR New Ferrari LaFerrari "Open" & LaFerrari Green Monster! •

BBR New Ferrari LaFerrari “Open” & LaFerrari Green Monster!

If I’m not mistaken, this is first for BBR in resin form, access to internal segments of a model, since their departure from diecast material.  The 1:18 LaFerrari will allow collectors access to a highly detailed motor.  Each tiny detail is represented such as: electric wires, screws in carbon fiber, electronic centers, and more.  Model is limited to 99 pieces worldwide.  Each piece ships with leatherette base and display case.

Something truly outside of the box is the new Green LaFerrari with Carbon Fibre roof.  Model is limited to 32 pieces.  Both replicas will be shipping in late January 2016.  Please contact BBR for more details.

bbr_P1867OPEN bbr_P1867OPEN4 bbr_P1867OPEN3

bbr_P1867OPEN2 bbr_P1867GREEN2 bbr_P1867GREEN3


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6 Responses to "BBR New Ferrari LaFerrari “Open” & LaFerrari Green Monster!"

  1. George K says:


  2. Patrick T. says:

    Not available for the green one says their site :(

  3. Patrick T. says:

    No the green LaFerrari is allready sold out; I emailed BBR. :(

  4. Carlos Alvarez says:

    And the doors??? Why not diecast??? It’s a shame BBR makes only resin :(

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