Bburago 1:24 Ferrari 488 Pista •

Bburago 1:24 Ferrari 488 Pista

A rare release of the Ferrari marque via the Bburago brand is nearing store shelves.  New is the 1:24 scale Ferrari 488 Pista in Red.  This one comes from their Race & Play collection.  This would more likely lean towards toy than collector piece.  It is amazing how little Bburago has done with this Ferrari licence.  It should be an easy way to print money!

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6 Responses to "Bburago 1:24 Ferrari 488 Pista"

  1. Anthony White says:

    Ferrari should go with a better company than this one…Bburago isn’t doing the Ferrari name Justice

  2. James Donaldson says:

    Bburago are a complete an utter joke…an absolute waste of space in the Die Cast world. Ferrari should open their eyes and realise that Bburago do not have the skill, knowledge or the expertise to justify the license or this historic marque.

  3. Jc says:

    I wish Ferrari went back to hot wheels than bburago because there are Ferrari’s that I want in 1:18 that bburago isn’t doming!

  4. Jerry Tran says:

    I wish Hot Wheels are the one who makes Ferrari’s not bburago because they don’t make that much 1:18 scales than their 1:24

  5. Peter Vanderispaillie says:

    BBurago is for kids and not for collectors.
    Hotwheels elite thats Peter for collectors.

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