Bburago Ferrari 488 Challenge •

Bburago Ferrari 488 Challenge

New from Bburago’s 1:24 Race series is the Ferrari 488 Challenge in Yellow.  This model is crafted in diecast metal and features access to the interior.  Find it now at your local Bburago dealer!

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6 Responses to "Bburago Ferrari 488 Challenge"

  1. alberto says:

    and the 1:18?

  2. Arthur Weston says:

    Well done Bburago for producing more rubbish for Ferrari. And well done Ferrari for giving the licence to the worst company possible. Bravo!

    • IDC says:

      Apart from the new trend of hoods being sealed, these are some of the most detailed 1:24 scale non-kit Ferraris I have seen in diecast form but once again, clueless people new to the hobby think they are rubbish because they collect a different scale and dont get them in theirs…welcome to the hobby, people collect 1/43, 1/64, 1/87, 1/12 and a plethora of others too.

  3. Reinaldo says:

    I want to see the ferrari 488 GT3 PLAIN BODY IN 1/18 BURAGO.
    I miss hotwheels as a maker of ferrari diecast 1/18.

  4. simon says:

    Despite it is not high class this is a welcome addition to any 1/24 Ferrari collection; where are the other manufacturers? nobody has the brain r balls to service the 1/24 adepts in this world.

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