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Davis & Giovanni LB Performance Aventador 720 – White

Photos of the Davis & Giovanni LB Performance Aventador 720 in White with Black decals were made available this afternoon, so we thought we share some.  This 1:18 scale replica will raise the heartbeats of fans of tuner cars alike. This LB tuner is due for release in late July 2019. Product# DG_DG18088...
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Davis & Giovanni New Tuner Lambos

Fans of Davis & Giovanni tuner cars will see a couple of new Lamborgini models in the near future, some as soon as July.  New is the 1:18 LB Performance Diablo 6.0 and LB Performace X Novitec Huracan.  A host of colour combinations will be offered, unfortunately, we only have photos of the Yellow. Aventador fans will see new colours Continue Reading...
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Davis & Giovanni LB Aventador 2.0 Zero Fighter – Metallic Green

Davis & Giovanni is back with a new skin for their LB Aventador 2.0 Zero Fighter.  The latest colour features a neat Metallic Green paint job.  This 1:18 scale, resin and sealed replica is limited to 48 pieces worldwide.  If tuner cars and exclusively are your thing, the Davis & Giovanni LB Aventador might fit the bill! Product# DG180...
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Davis & Giovanni Novitec Aventador SV – Yellow/Black

More tuner news from Davis & Giovanni.  Their latest is the 1:43 Novitec Aventador SV in Yellow/Black.  Crafted in resin with a sealed-body design, this limited piece doesn’t come cheap.  North of $300.  The Novitec Aventador SV should see daylight in late Q1 2019. Product# DG_DG43074...
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More 1:12 & 1:18 Tuners Davis & Giovanni

More tuner scale replicas from the hands of Davis & Giovanni.  We have an assortment of 1:12 and 1:18 scale examples.  The feature model finds the 1:12 LB Performance Aventador – Baby Blue.  See is limited to 12 pieces worldwide.  Street date is expected around March/April 2019.  We have pictures of some to share, enjoy! Scale 1:12: DG_12001A – LB Continue Reading...
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New Davis & Giovanni 1:12 & 1:18 Pieces

A couple of new examples come from Davis & Giovanni in 1:12 and 1:18 scale.  The first is the 1:18 Bugatti Mansory Vincero, a limited edition piece of 30.  Note the nice attention to carbon fibre work and interior execution.  The second, in 1:12 scale is the LB Performance Aventador in Baby Blue.  Note the solid certificate of authenticity, it Continue Reading...
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