Classic Model Replicars Singer Dubai Special Editions •

Classic Model Replicars Singer Dubai Special Editions

Fans of the Singer/Porsche will have two new models to choose from very soon.  The team at Classic Model Replicars (CMR) are releasing their version of the Singer Dubai in Coupe and Targa form.  Each is completed in resin with a sealed-body design.  The initial pre-production samples images provide a worthy replica.  Suggested retail $99.95 Euro.  They can be exclusively found at Little Bolide and CK Model Cars very soon!

Product# CMR079 / CMR080

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14 Responses to "Classic Model Replicars Singer Dubai Special Editions"

  1. Adskiwil says:

    Finally the most accurate model. Hopefully it will come out with a decent enough price tag

  2. Rafa says:

    Will GT SPIRIT issue the promissed Gulf livery Singer or we have to choose only between the AutoCult model and the CMR one?

  3. Andy says:

    Whats the quality of this company like compared with GT spirit as i was really happy with there grey singer…. but tired of waiting for more colours feom them

  4. David says:

    They won’t say officially but this might be the Singers developed by GT Spirit which they couldn’t sell. So many details seem to match. Shape wise, the profile is a dead give away. Flat roof line and funky stance are the most obvious indicators…

  5. Veneno says:

    Between this and the Cult Model version, I have to go with the Cult. Neither versions are perfect, but shape wise, Cult Model’s is a little bit better.

  6. Cortese says:

    These are the ex-GT Spirit cars. As it was said before, easily to detect by their bad shape and off proportions. The Targa is still a useful supplement anyway, but the color choice on the coupe is just stupid. It was an interesting appearance when it was first shown. But meanwhile has Cult done the identical version, so how could a company be so sluggish and not update the color combo ?! After all, they expect the model to be bought, do they ?? …. And especially Singer Vehilce Design has an incredible selection of dreamlike variants. I don’t get it.

  7. smsr725 says:

    I am curious.. why is a Dubai model famous? Can anyone share any details? I like to know more about the 1:1 models before i invest in a replica and hence my interest. Thanks

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