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DNA Collectibles New Subaru Legacy STI S402!

Another classic from the past from Subaru is once again being defined in scale by the team at DNA Collectibles, this is the Subaru Legacy STI S402.  Four awesome colours are in the works, they include Blue, Black, White and Grey.  Each is limited to 249 pieces with the exception of Blue, this one we see a production run of 399.  Good call!  This unique piece will be delivered in Q3 2022.  Guarantee your model by pre-ordering now!

Product# DNA000108 

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2 Responses to "DNA Collectibles New Subaru Legacy STI S402!"

  1. Roberto says:

    Man, this things proportions are off. Especially the rear lights

  2. Veneno says:

    Overall proportion is way off. Do they even use blueprints to make their models? For the price that they are asking for their models, they need to do better. Also, recently, their quality is slowly going down, compared to their earlier models.

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