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FuelMe The First LB 458 in Vietnam!

We rebooted this article as we got some more information and more photos of FuelMe’s new July offering.  Their latest project is the fully custom 1:43 Liberty Walk 458 Italia Vietnam “Modena Yellow” tuner car.  Known as  Vietnam’s first 458 LB.  That rear camber is something else!  There is also the Liberty Walk 458 Italia “Combat Grey” added to the mix.

Each features a host of goodies, such as the galvanized iron rear wing, hardware for rims and are galvanized iron spokes, make the spokes fine and smooth.  The outer wheek and inner spokes are independent, that allows for different gloss as the real car, faithful representation of the decals details, logo on dashboard and hood are metallic decals, which provide a better look,  lip, skirt and the diffuser are covered by carbon fiber water decals, makes for great texture, dashboard is designed into separate parts, like the double color interior of the real 458, and engine compartment is constructed with many individual parts,  Both pieces are limited to 90 units each.  Contact FuelMe for more information.

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