GT Spirit Mercedes-AMG GT S by Prior Design •

GT Spirit Mercedes-AMG GT S by Prior Design

A tuner defined Mercedes-AMG GT S is in the works from the team at GT Spirit, this 1:18, Prior Design is one aggressive Mercedes-AMG.  Taking off from the standard GT S packaged from AMG the Prior Design evolves the the car to include custom components such as body kit, which features a front spoiler, rear diffuser, side skirts, front and rear widening, a new hood, a subtle rear trunk spoiler, and air intake panels.  This monster will be on sale later this summer!

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5 Responses to "GT Spirit Mercedes-AMG GT S by Prior Design"

  1. Andrew says:

    I don’t normally buy tuner cars but this is a must it’s a monster in a fantastic coliur

  2. Ole Andre says:

    This one i am deffenetly going to by. I already have 2 GTS car tuned for me. One with AMG tuning and one Brabus. Soo this one is a must for me. Bouth my cars are from Norev, tuned just like i wanted them

  3. rober drexler says:

    The car is PURPLE! Hopefully blue/purple

  4. John says:

    Take my money please!

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