REVIEW: AUTOart Porsche RWB 993 •

REVIEW: AUTOart Porsche RWB 993

The latest explosive trend in scale modelling is tuner cars.  One that is getting a lot of attention these days (from many brands) is RWB.  So it was inevitable that AUTOart would jump on the bandwagon too, and why not the cars are just hot!  The model we have here is Porsche RWB 993 White with Grey wheels.  It comes from AUTOart’s composite series, which in this example only features access to the interior.  Both front storage and rear motor compartment are sealed.  Boo!

From the exterior view the RWB 993 is nothing less than seductive.  The exaggerated fenders, skirts, and spoilers really suck you in.  Also the White exterior paint is some of the best I’ve seen on their composite line to date; there is an actual shine to the finish.  Another thing I’d like to point out that most of the current flock of RWB specimens are missing is the painted black body lines.  This is definitely a nice touch!

Shutlines and panel gaps are very good too, but like I said earlier access is only available to the interior or is there something else?  I have more on this topic below.

Front the front view the execution is nice and clean.  If you like LOW riders you’ll love this one, it is millimetres off the ground.  Perforated grilles are used all-around too.  Headlight detail is solid to complete the front-end.

Rear is similar to the front.  Massive wing takes front and centre here.  Runner up is the huge decal just underneath.  The rear bumper inlets feature perforated grilles too.  Nice touch.  What strikes me funny is the cooling grilles on top of the hatch.  With past Porsches they would be covered with a secondary level, here they are open, where you can see the heart of the beast.  Now is this how the original cars looks or did someone forget a part on the assembly line?  Someone fill in the gap for me? LOL.

As I mentioned earlier there might be more access to the internal bits that meets the eye.  In fact, access to the motor is possible on the RWB 993.  To get the hatch off you’re going to dissect the model into the inner working and remove two screws holding down the part/hatch.  Checkout the forums for more on this – look under “Custom Models, Repairs & Parts Development” forum.  AUTOart you cost cutting, cheap mongrels.

Underneath there is some basic detail which includes suspension and various motor bits.  The photos will highlight all.

The stance on this model is very low and rightly slow.  You can’t have a tuner car a la 4×4.  AUTOart also does a great job in mimicking the camber at all four corners too.  Deep-dish wheels look great and back-up team, rotors and calipers hold up their own.

The interior is basically all covered.  Nothing over the top, but the job is executed well.  Highlights include full flocking throughout, nice textured racing seats and steering wheel, and full racing harness and seat-belts.  Front are made of plastic like material, rear set made out of fabric with metal buckles.  Why not the full Monty AUTOart?  I also think the door card material and dash could have used a better quality material that would make is less “plastic” looking, though this is a minor request.

The RWB fan fare is the flavour of the month in scale model replicas these days, like it or not they have some hardcore followers, I am one.  Though I do believe the market is overly saturated, one would just need to pick their specimens with a little thought.  I’m very pleased AUTOart example of the Porsche RWB 993 on a whole.  The exterior paint is great, body-lines lines are very good and overall attention to detail nice.  What I don’t like is the cost cutting methods, i.e. sealed storage and motor.  I WANT FULL OPENING examples!  AUTOart is likely the best example for $$, other than sealed replicas, which or somewhat boring and the outrageously priced model from Tunning Auto Model this one is a safe bet.  Enjoy the pics!

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8 Responses to "REVIEW: AUTOart Porsche RWB 993"

  1. Scott says:

    Thanks for the review, mine should be here tuesday looking forward to them.

  2. George K says:

    So done with these tuner cars. “Spearmint Rhino”? Come on. . .

  3. F80pilot says:

    Great review. I have one in Red inbound.

  4. Atalante says:

    The lines around the fenders and the front are too much pronounced on the white and that make it look really weird from the front. It feel the bright colors (red, blue and green) and even the Matt back look much better that the white. Worst color IMO.

  5. Moondawn says:

    Yes, you might think that some forgot about the panel lines, but this is too much. In fact, if you look at some of the real cars, there aren’t any panel lines visible at all. It al comes down to the way the car is engineered. And then AA forgot about the rivots, which are not pronounced enough. Agree, AA improves on their paint jobs, but it is far away from what GTS does. So no, this is not the best RWB out there, but if you can’t step away from opening doors…

  6. Marcus says:

    Great review as always, I am also hugely disappointed at the lack of opening features on this long awaited model (surely they could have used their 993 as a base??) and I also agree with the previous comments regarding the shutlines, they are way over the top. With all this said I will make an exception and buy this model

  7. Robert says:

    Well… At least doors open and front wheels steer so you can make it “pose” differently from time to time. Something you can’t say about most others now.

  8. MYTHIC says:

    and now i cant find ANY for retail sale even on the typical ebay hobby shops. the one’s i have seen pop up are asking ridiculous prices. really hurts that i didnt choose to pull the trigger on one last year simply because of the lack of opening hood and bonnet.

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