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Hobby Japan Nissan Skyline GTR V.Spec 1999 (BNR34)

And yet again we have another scale version of the Nissan Skyline GTR V.Spec 1999 (BNR34).  This time around the model comes from Hobby Japan.  Their version is completed in 1:18 scale with resin construction and closed-body design.  Four colours are on tab, they include Bayside Blue, White, Black Pearl and Sonic Silver.  Release date is May 2018.  Each will set you back about $250CND.

Product# HJ1809BL / HJ18095 / HJ18098K / HJ1809W

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3 Responses to "Hobby Japan Nissan Skyline GTR V.Spec 1999 (BNR34)"

  1. Stephane Demers says:

    I don’t get where resin is supposed to cut cost over diecast when I see a price tag of $250 on these :/ There is the relatively ok priced GT Spirit around $150, but for another example, the Konigsegg One:1 in full resin is asking in the $600 price. What I mean is: are we getting screwed??

  2. David K Lee says:

    My first post! I appreciate your comment on this new generation of 1/18th resin sealed models. I remember way back when collectors were saying resin models won’t be around long; they’re still here and growing! I was skeptical at first until I inspected both an OttoMobile and GT Spirit model and found them to look and feel good in your hands. Getting back to value, I still have my AutoArt Nissan R34 NISMO S-Tune which I paid about US$65.00 when new. This model had full opening features and undercarriage, steerable wheels, and complete emblems and badging. That was over 12 years ago and cost on everything has gone up, particularly labor, licensing, and transport costs. What we see here is a new offering created with a different development track, mfg.processes and cost structure.

  3. babgh says:

    Resin(plastic) is only good for replicating the molds but i wouldn’t want to spend sh*tloads of money for a closed resin diecast. If they want us to spend that kind of money at least they have tohave opening pats in it.

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