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Ignition Model Future Releases

We a select number of new models in 1:18 and 1:43 scale to share from Ignition Model.   The feature finds the 1:43 PANDEM GT-R (BNR32) in Red Metallic.  We have the complete list scale blew.  This list of newness is due April/May 2019.

Scale 1:18:

IG1547 – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Ⅲ GSR (CE9A) White
IG1548 – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Ⅲ GSR (CE9A) Red
IG1549 – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Ⅲ GSR (CE9A) Silver

IG1447 – Honda CIVIC (FK8) TYPE R White
IG1450 – Honda CIVIC (FK8) TYPE R Blue
IG1444 – Honda CIVIC (FK8) TYPE R Frame Red
IG1445 – Honda CIVIC (FK8) TYPE R Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic

Scale 1:43:

IG1335 – PANDEM GT-R (BNR32) Red Metallic
IG1336 – PANDEM GT-R (BNR32) White
IG1337  – PANDEM GT-R (BNR32) Purple/Green

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