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KK Scale Ferrari 328 GTS 1985 w/ Removable Hardtop

KK Scale is on a roll, well we mean with the Ferrari badge. Another installment to their Ferraro series is the 1:18 Ferrari 328 GTS 1985 with a removable hardtop. Two colours will be offered, Yellow and Red, each is limited to 1250 pieces. KK Scale examples are diecast and sealed and usually provide the option of front steerable wheels. The street date is scheduled for late February 2021.

Product# KKDC180551 / KKDC180552

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  1. WA7 says:

    Great to see KK Scale doing a superb job in producing Ferrari models that are well priced and of good quality…albeit sealed. You would think that KK Scale have been awarded the Ferrari licence! My thinking is that Ferrari as a company are well aware that Bburago are completely inept at producing anything of acceptable quality for them or have fallen short in their promise/agreement with Ferrari. Ferrari have no doubt given KK Scale some sort of licence to produce the classic Ferrari models. Great news for us as collectors as I am getting the opportunity to add some classic models to my collection without breaking the bank. In my mind, Bburago have been completely hopeless with the line of models that they have produced in 1:18 scale. I would love to see a manufacturer like Norev awarded the Ferrari licence as they are masters at producing superb quality models that are finished to a high standard, but most importantly…that are priced well, which is key. Well done also to you guys at Diecast Society, my go to website for this awesome hobby…bravo and keep up the great work.

    • DS Team says:

      You would think… Great for budget concise fans, but for those hungry for a middle ground, something like the HWE line is preferred, KKS far short… Then we need to ask the question. How do they do it? If the “Ferrari” licence is the cream of the crop how do they hit these attractive price points? Are these officially licensed Ferrari models?

      PS Thank you for the kinds remarks!

      • WA7 says:

        Very true Diecast Society. Norev is the only option for me, quality for both the metal and plastice parts, great detail, full openings, attractive packaging and most of all, the price point. That is what Hot Wheels Elite did so well. They were produced in numbered runs and priced in that sweet middle ground. Those were the days!

  2. jazzy426 says:

    Someone pointed out in another forum that KK-scale’s model packaging does not contain respective car manufacturer’s logo or any IP trademarks. All you find is the gold printed name of the model and KK-SCALE brand itself. I wonder if this would allows them to skirt around the licencing requirements at all?

  3. PeterJay says:

    Wouldn’t it be perfect if Norev bought Bburago/Maisto and took on the Ferrari licence…we can only dream!

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