Laudoracing-Models Prototype Fiat 242 •

Laudoracing-Models Prototype Fiat 242

The Italian manufacturer Laudoracing-Models is back with another unique piece, the Fiat 242.  Model is 1:18 scale, resin and closed-body construction.  There are still a few details to attend to such as the roof rack and various accessory bits.  Model should be released sometime in 2016.

About the Fiat 242…  “The Fiat 242was a van which was produced by Fiat from 1974. This van was the result of a cooperation with Citroën and was sold under the name Citroën C35 in France. Both vehicles were produced in Italy till 1987 with Fiat engines, and then in France by Chausson, when Fiat discontinued the 242. Citroën retained the model until 1992. This cooperation was the precursor of Sevel.”

lr_Fiat 242 lr_Fiat 242b lr_Fiat 242c

lr_Fiat 242d lr_Fiat 242f

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  1. George K says:

    Well that’s exciting! I can’t wait to add it to my collection of delivery vans.

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