LCD Models New Toyota 2000 GT •

LCD Models New Toyota 2000 GT

News from the LCD Models camp is a new 1:18, diecast metal with full access example of the classic Toyota 2000 GT.  Based on the initial grey-wear images the replica is more than capable of satisfying the most critical client.  Though, the question needs to be asked, do we need another Toyota 2000 GT in scale with what has already been shared? Any competition is great, and we love the recent efforts from LCD Models, but if they want to create more buzz and gain market share focus on other projects not yet released.  There are soooooo many cars we love to see in scale, focus on these!  Or is this another case of borrowing a mould and place our spin on it?

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  1. Mario says:

    It is reverse development through Autoart products, so it is very close to the level of Autoart, but can not exceed the quality of Autoart.

    • Paolo says:

      I’m very puzzled that AA has produced a lot of 2000GT. Why should LCD copy AA’s old products to produce again? Is it meaningful? Unless LCD can improve the quality, for example, CMC did not copy AA Pullman600, but produced high quality Pullman600 again

      • ilka says:

        if LCD produces AA’s 1978 and 1981 Corvettes, but in different colors (yellow please!) I’ll be buying them twice. Also i’d be very happy if they also reproduce AA’s C2 corvette, even with it’s proportion flaws – the second-hand price on them are just ridiculously high! I remember back when they’ve been plenty around to get I was like “meh, shape is a bit wrong, and it will be available for a while, will get that later”, and now hunting for one in red for adequate price is like an impossible task!

        • Robert says:

          Wouldn’t those be nice??? i’d like to see the 78-82 Corvette in all the popular colors! Red, white, black, silver, blue, yellow, with nice interior colors to match, oyster inside a dark green car is sexy! A yellow 1980 with lettered tires would be an immediate sell for me! A red on red 79 with the optional front and rear spoiler (as on 78 pace car) would be in my collection for sure. I also need a good 63 split window in my collection. Make that one in silver with red interior and knock-off aluminum wheels!

  2. Mike Wiseman says:

    The words quality and autoart are beginning to enter the realm of oxymoron. Especially when they want to slap BBR price tags on everything they are releasing nowadays plastic looking interiors that don’t even resemble vinyl let alone leather. And alcantara effect must have banned from all autoart manufacturing locations. Plus it seems sometimes like they make up some kind of extra engine cover or make the factory cover slightly too large just to limit the effort required under the hood…. just my opinion..😎

  3. Pier Paolo says:

    Personally, I am pleased to find a new fully opening 2000 GT. This is my chance to be able to buy it, since the old die-cast AutoArt have become very expensive and the new ones, equally expensive, are made of plastic. Of course, a greater fantasy for the subjects would not be bad, but still better than the umpteenth Aventador.

    • Bart says:

      I agree with Pier Paolo; unfortunately the plastic AA, though much better shaped than the old diecast one, is still very expensive. It looks like LCD didn’t copy the early diecast AA, it has the right shape. Let’s see what the price point will be!

  4. JIMMY says:

    As someone who has the AA version, they would’ve made me very interested if they had offered this in LHD.

  5. Michael D says:

    Jimmy is correct – had it been offered in LHD it would have been tempting. Bought the AA metal version years ago – still very satisfied with that example. I purchased it because it was such an important car back in the day..PS: one sold at Sotherby’s in 2013 for $1.3 USD

  6. Michael D says:

    lol you obviously new that was in millions. But in 018 one sold for $680,000 USD

    • Razorblade says:

      That car is tiny, so in RL it’s good only for people under 1.80m height, even if you like it and have the money, but you’re above that height good luck getting in lol

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