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Looksmart New 1:18 Lamborghini 291 F1

We love classic F1 racers, so raw and bare bone.  It seems today’s race cars are just over engineered and boring.  Looksmart brings us back in time, 1991 to be extact, they present their version of the 1:18 Lamborghini 291 F1.  Enjoy the first sample photos, model is set to be released in Q1 2017.

About the Lamborghini 291 F1…  “The Lambo 291 was a Formula One car designed by Mauro Forghieri for use by the Modena team during the 1991 Formula One season. Its best finish was at the United States Grand Prix when Nicola Larini drove it to seventh place.”

Product# LS18_LF01

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