Make Up New 1:43 Releases (UPDATE) •

Make Up New 1:43 Releases (UPDATE)

** UPDATE ** Just added a couple of images of their upcoming 1:43 Pandem GR Supra Version 1.5 2019.  Five colours will be issued, they include White, Yellow, Purple, Blue and Red.

News of a couple of new offerings from Make Up will soon be able.  The first is the  Toyota GR Supra RZ “Horizon Blue Edition” 2020 and the second, the Mazda Roadster(ND) 2020 –  Silver Top with removable roof piece.  No official word on the release date, however, we suspect early Q1 2021.

Product# EM477 / VM200 / RB007A / RB007B / RB007C / RB007D / RB007E

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