Matrix Scale Models New Releases for March 2015 •

Matrix Scale Models New Releases for March 2015

Our friends at Matrix Scale Models have some new models on the horizon along with a few new colours.  The above feature is the 1980 Jaguar XJ SIII Estate Ladbroke in Avon Yellow.  Love the colour!  Other new models in 1:43 scale include:

Aston Martin DB4 Jet Bertone – Grey Metallic 1961
Bentley S2 Estate Harold Radford – Black 1959
BMW 502 3200 V8 Super Cabriolet Autenrieth – Brown 1959
H.J. Mulliner SCIII Flying Spur – Maroon 1965

matrix_MX41001-071 matrix_MX41001-071b matrix_MX41001-071c

matrix_MX11705-082 matrix_MX11705-082b matrix_MX11705-082c

matrix_MX40201-101 matrix_MX40201-101b matrix_MX40201-101c

matrix_MX40202-071 matrix_MX40202-071b matrix_MX40202-071c

matrix_MX50108-031 matrix_MX50108-031b matrix_MX50108-031c

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