MotorHelix New Land Rover Extended Edition 2019 •

MotorHelix New Land Rover Extended Edition 2019

MotorHelix unveils its latest project, the 1:18 Land Rover Extended Edition 2019.  MotorHelix models are crafted in resin and each model is sealed.  This particular model will see a total of eight colours, these include Montalcini Red, Santorini Black, Aintree Green, Namibia Orange, Chablis Pearl, Aruba, Cories Grey Metal and Alaska White.  The production run will be 99 pieces or less.

Product# MH010MOR / MH010SIB / MH010AEG / MH010NAO / MH010CSP / MH010ARU / MH010CRM / MH010ASW

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4 Responses to "MotorHelix New Land Rover Extended Edition 2019"

  1. Yeow Yi Fan says:

    Wow… That grille. No offense but my wife’s lingerie would do a better job!

  2. Kinkyboots28 says:

    Been wanting a die cast model of this as they are impressive in real life, however, this is total trash. Resin misses a great deal of detail it seems. Never bought one and don’t think I ever will regardless of subject matter. Another hard pass

    • DS Team says:

      It seems from photos their execution is average, but the price is well higher than the average resin piece. Hopefully, LCD Models will make this one in the near future.

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