NEO New Releases for July •

NEO New Releases for July

NEO steps up to the plate with three new additions as well.  The feature finds the 1:43 1978 Peugeot 604 Limousine Heuliez in Sliver.  The remaining two, both in 1:43 scale include the 1952 Volkswagen Stoll Coupe and Hanomag Henschel F201.  Pricing starts @ 69.95 Euro.  Find these are more at

Product# 213704 / 193822 / 184566

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3 Responses to "NEO New Releases for July"

  1. jaap van dijk says:

    The Peugeot is another poor copy of the real MATRIX model…
    MCW does it again now fooling the collectors. Cheap ( stolen ) BoS models are converted into Neo models for double the price….e.g. Volvo 264 strechted, Cadillac convertible, etc etc.
    Abfuhren !!!

    • DS Team says:

      Strong words and accusations. I know you are affiliated with MATRIX. Stop using the site as your sounding board. Any issues take it up with them not here. Thank you.

  2. Moondawn says:

    Why? Because you are the mouthpiece of MCW? It needs to be said. I was under the impression Matrix was also affiliated with MCW but it’s clearly not. So why the copying? In fact MCW is copying old Neo models to BOs and are sort of plagiarizing themselves. I like most of the 1/18 models from BOS but the copying is smelly to say the least.

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