New GreenLight 1:18 Mustang King Cobra - Blue & White •

New GreenLight 1:18 Mustang King Cobra – Blue & White

GreenLight Collectibles is re-introducing the 1978 Mustang mould in King Cobra variant.  Two colours will be offered, Blue as featured and White, both with exterior decal package.  Each model is developed in diecast with opening bits.  No word on releases date, though we suspect Q4 2017 shelf date.

Product# 13507 / 13508

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5 Responses to "New GreenLight 1:18 Mustang King Cobra – Blue & White"

  1. The art of riveting ugly plastic bits along with ‘go faster’ stickers on a car and debasing the original nameplate as a result. There was nothing remotely close to the ‘Cobra’ of better days with this wheezy bling machine. I suspect even Homer Simpson would refuse to buy one……

    • George K says:

      Well said. This car was a joke even back in the ’70s.
      I had (mercifully) forgotten about these cars. . . Until now. It seems the midel manufacturers are desperate to come up with anything new.
      What’s next? Maybe a Ford Pinto?

  2. ilka says:

    Better do a proper Iroc-Z. Please, Greenlight!
    SunStar one is a joke.

    • D N'D-Land says:

      Hear Hear!! I have been saying that!!! They have the base with their Trans Am GTA!!

    • Robert says:

      You are soooo right about the Sunstar IROC Camaro! I’m really disappointed. They do the 50’s cars so correctly, everything else is a let down from these guys. Maybe GL could pick this up and make it right. That is if they are looking for subjects… The IROC-Z is one to consider.

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