OttOmobile July | August Deliveries •

OttOmobile July | August Deliveries

A total of ten new models will be up for grabs from OttOmobile in the next few months…  The team makes scale model affordable with their opening price point resin and sealed efforts @ 59.90 Euros to start.  The feature finds the uber-cool Mercedes-Benz 560 AMG R107 in Black.  Also, the Peugeot 203 Camionnette Bachee is something of a unique status.  The execution here does look solid!  Note each model presented here is executed in 1:18 scale.


Ford Escort Cosworth Gr.A
Mercedes-Benz 560 AMG R107
Peugeot 203 Camionnette Bachee
Renault Clio Maxi Presentation
Toyota Celica GT Coupe (R22)


Audi 80 Quattro B2
Ford Escort Mk4 RS Turbo
Honda Integra DC5
Peugeot 406 Super Tourenwagen Cup
Renault Megane Mk1 Coupe 2.0 16V

About the Mercedes-Benz 560 AMG R107…  “This model is far from being the best known in Europe … understandably so, since it was exclusively intended for the American market. The US version 560 SL R107 is already a 4-wheel UFO, but when AMG got its hands on the beast, it quickly became a monster, one pulled by 385 hp against the 227 of the basic American version. It drew many thrill-seekers to its steering wheel … like a certain Michael Schumacher who bought one of the few models produced by AMG.”

Product# OT844 / OT822 / OT342 / OT344 / OT840 / OT339 / OT826 / OT343 / OT348 / OT324

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  1. Atalante says:

    The 560SL R107 is midnight blue, very close to black but not exactly.

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