Paudi New Nissan Patrol 2018 5.6L •

Paudi New Nissan Patrol 2018 5.6L

We honestly thought Paudi closed their doors, well that is not the case.  The team has unveiled a new 1:18, diecast metal Nissan Patrol 2018 5.6L.  The initial colour is shown as White, we’re not sure if additional colours are in the works.  If you’re a fan of people haulers, this one looks pretty good!  Delivery is due later this year.

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2 Responses to "Paudi New Nissan Patrol 2018 5.6L"

  1. JIMMY says:

    This would be a good piece to have next to the Land Cruisers that have been released in recent years. It’s Paudi, so I am going to assume it has opening doors then. If not, my opinion changes drastically.

  2. Sac says:

    Am all for this a big hit in the middle east. I already have the LX and LC200 models in 1/18.

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