PHOTO GALLERY: GT Spirit Koenig Specials F335 •

PHOTO GALLERY: GT Spirit Koenig Specials F335

We had the option of placing the Koenig Specials 308 or Koenig Specials F335 in front of the lens, we went with the Koenig Specials F335 – it is the obvious choice – the 308 can’t hold a candle to the F355 on looks alone.  We love the GT Spirit Koenig series, and if memory serves us well they have released some memorable and some not so memorable replicas from Koenig which feature both Ferrari and BMW in tuner form.  This example from Koenig is one of their last, and we believe one of their best.  What better way to show gratitude than one of your creations cast in scale.

As for the model, there is much to appreciate on the mid-priced, resin brand.  The exterior paintwork is very good and this extends to the Gold and chrome wheels; some of which is the best work from GT Spirit to date.  Solid plastic bits to cap each opening, though some a signature to the original car.  Inside the interior is decorated with Red racing seats that feature fabric racing harnesses.  There is no flocking of any kind too.  Enjoy the pics!

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