Happy New Year everyone!  I’ve seen Norev re-release this model in new colours just recently.  It inspired me to dust off the original example of this scale model of the BMW M1 in Red.  I acquired this model back in January 2012 for about $70 CND.  It is diecast metal with plastic parts and fully opening with pop-up headlights!  Norev along with feedback back from the collector community produced a well-balanced and well-executed model of the classic BMW M1.  If you haven’t purchased one yet I suggest you make it a priority, the model is brilliant!

Other than the wheels, thank you, Uli Nowak, (I hope you’re doing better!.  If you’re looking for the best scale model wheel reproductions look no further than Uli!) this model is as envisioned by Norev.  Nicely detailed exterior and interior provide a well-balanced example in scale.  Like I said $70 odd dollars back in 2012.  This model excels from those mainstream manufacturers of today at 3-4 times the cost.  You know them well,  there is no need to mention names.

On a side note…  This post is a reminder to where this hobby has gone from its glories days.  And to those who are starting out in the hobby today and oohing and ahhing the sealed production or the half-assed open productions that are now the norm.  Nothing against resin, composite or sealed, as I own a number of them myself.  BUT the question still remains, if Norev can execute a product of this calibre, why is today’s product costing a lot more with a lot less in overall imagination?  You novice collectors please educate yourself.  Make smart buying decisions.  Request more from the mainstream.  And alas vote with your wallet.

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  1. SAID says:

    Hi thank you for sharing and happy new year 2019 . I love this car but in gray with orange interior..

    The BBS wheels is ili you said ? I check on ebay and there can yo please help me to get the same ? Is it easy to fix on the car ?

    • DS Team says:

      Thank you.

      Wheel update was purchased at Uli Nowak. Not cheap BUT excellent quality pieces. The application is easy. Remove the old and add new. I believe Uli Nowak might have specific links to replacement wheels for this model. Good luck!

  2. SAID says:

    I found the website thanks question is it 18 inches wheels ?


  3. Jason says:

    It is sad how prices have gotten way out of hand. I used to buy bburago models for $20 or less, now they are $70. Autoart ran in the $80 range and now, we’ll you know. These manufacturers don’t think about the next generation of collectors who are young and can’t afford these cars (I can’t afford a lot of these cars). If young collectors can’t afford this hobby, they find another hobby and eventually these manufacturers will have no customers. It’s sad.

    • DS Team says:

      Believe me, I understand that we need to compare apples to apples and cost in labour and materials go up. Prices have gone up exponentially but in some cases, the overall execution for interiors and motors have significantly declined in recent years.

  4. Yi Fan says:

    Wow. This looks superb and the BBS do pop!

    This post serves as a reminder of why I am collecting only past releases from certain brands during their “golden ages”.

    Sure they may cost a lot more then when they were first released but they truly capture the essence and ethos of why I started collecting 1:18 die cast replicas in the first place.

  5. Karsten says:

    I´ve got this particular model in white, unmodified with its original rims.I have to say, though, that it wears the BBS rims so well that I googled whether Norev had a production run with those rims.
    I have just looked up on Ebay what my 35 € Wiesmann MF3 Roadster with original Wiesmann box would cost these days: a staggering 300 to 500 €. As a long-standing collector, it gives me great satisfaction to have models like these in my collection that have either increased in value, have become unaffordable or even unavailable altogether.
    The hobby has come a long way and I am glad that my wallet has grown with the hobby, so that unlike novices to the hobby I can afford most of what the industry has to offer. With grown labour costs, which I am happy to pay because I do not wish to rest my joy on exploitation, leading manufacturers unfortunately do not keep the high standards they have set in the past. To my mind there is hardly any room for improvement over what we have seen as the pinnacle of diecast (composite does not offer any as far as I see it, on the contrary). But the model that I had modified for me over the past two years and that I hope I can take delivery of later this week, shows new dimensions of what manufacturers themselves could offer to take the hobby to the next level. I will be happy to share it with you when it arrives.

  6. Pierrick2308 says:

    Wow, great swap, I love it ! Thanks for sharing.

    I am looking for good reproduction of the BMW M1, did you have the opportunity to compare Norev and the latest dealer from Minichamps ? In pics the Norev seems better because of the carpet in the cockpit and trunk.

    • Pierrick2308 says:

      Oh and last question, what is the reference of this model ?
      Some sellers says “red” and other “orange” but I don’t know of it’s a different reference pr the same…

      • Karsten says:

        There is a whole range of colours from Norev, including red AND orange, so both do exist. Other colours are white, grey, blue. Norev do the road cars, while the Minichamps are the competition/race/livery versions.

        • Pierrick2308 says:

          Thanks for the details ;)
          But the latest street M1 available at dealers is a Minichamps !

          • Karsten says:

            Yes, but race, not road. This photo gallary is in honour of the old Norev road car and looking forward to its re-issue.

          • Pierrick2308 says:

            I can ensure you that a few month ago, Minichamps release a road (not race) orange M1 ;)
            It is available at dealership as “Heritage collection”.

    • DS Team says:

      No comparison, buy the Norev!

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