PHOTO GALLERY: Tomica - Series One •

PHOTO GALLERY: Tomica – Series One

Nearly 50 years strong, Tomica has been the number one diecast toy car brand in Asia since its creation. TOMY (sister brand) has sold over 550 million cars since the line was introduced in 1970. Known for their quality diecast metal construction, attention to detail and a wide variety of models, Tomica continues to amaze collectors across 130 countries.

The Tomica collection here is a new North American entry for the brand exclusive to Walmart stores.  Designed in Japan, each Tomica car is crafted in diecast metal by seasoned experts to enhance features of the actual car.  The focus here is quite different than the typical scale model which is usually defined as 1:64, 1:43, etc.  Here the scale is focused on fitting the model within the accompanying packaging/box.  So no model actually fits a defined scale.  This is quite unique, and something we at have never come across – as well, the team does drive the imagination with some truly unique subject matter, a couple of examples here feature an Animal Transporter and Isuzu Giga Fried Potato vehicle.  Nine models capture the new Series One, we have images of each and a few close-ups on a handful of items too.  Retail here, about $4.99 US a piece.  Enjoy the pics!


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