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R.A.R.E. Models: New Ferrari 512 M’s

We received an email from Antonio Pinna of R.A.R.E. Models today.  A manufacturer based out of Italy that caters to some exclusive replicas.  Some of which are high on demand from collectors from around the globe.  Each piece is handcrafted and cast from resin with photo-etched parts.   Their latest masterpiece features the acclaimed Ferrari 512M, each is highlighted below.  All are limited pieces, and command a price tag north of 400 Euro!

R.A.R.E. Models can also provide different scales, custom modifications of individual models, and small batches on demand.  Now that’s multiple layers of service that many manufacturers today cannot offer.  Also see attached R.A.R.E. Models complete catalog and Fantasy models.

RARE 18001 512M Press 1970
RARE 18002 512M #31 Zeltweg ’70 Ickx/Giunti
RARE 18003 512M-712 #22 Imola Interserie ’71 Merzario Winner

rm_ferrrair512m rm_ferrrair512m3 rm_ferrrair512m6

rm_ferrrair512m4 rm_ferrrair512m5 rm_ferrrair512m2

rm_ferrrair512m7 rm_ferrrair512m8 rm_catalog

rm_catalogb rm_catalogc

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