REVIEW: AUTOart Corvette Z06 C5 •

REVIEW: AUTOart Corvette Z06 C5

I believe the addition of the AUTOart C4 Corvette last month sparked my interest in the Corvette brand once again. I’ve made a decision to expand my collection to include more platforms form all eras, but they will remain non-livery and in coupe form wherever possible. The latest addition is the AUTOart C5 Corvette Z06. Purchased from a local seller/friend for $50 mint inbox, I thought it was a decent deal, especially when you consider the cost of an opening price point model from AUTOart today. The model is a bit dated; I will elaborate more on that below. Even though it is manufactured by AUTOart it was produced using an older UT mould (thanks Gavin for information). Look for more Corvette’s to come in 2013.


corvetet_z06c52  corvetet_z06c53


Even though the model is dated AUTOart has captured the overall exterior lines well.  Panel gaps and shutlines for the most part are very good. The finer details are little in comparison to newer models but there are a few surprises I like to note. Metal mesh grilles can be found on the lower fascia on the front bumper and also on the side intakes (what are these side intakes for?). The quality of the lighting bits rivals those of today. The wheels are executed nicely, but I feel the scale is off a little and should be slightly larger. I’m a big fan of the rear end of the C5, as you can see it is nicely executed by AUTOart. The full dual exhaust system is well crafted and detail extends underneath to the undercarriage.  This continues all the way to the front end, which is unusual for a model of this period. Well done AUTOart!


corvetet_z06c512  corvetet_z06c59

The motor is adequately detailed, much better than I would have anticipated prior to purchasing the model.   The age of the model can be seen here with the large dog-leg style hinges for the hood and minus any hood prop for support.  The rear hatch does open too. No actual carpet here, but a look-like plastic material to mimic the real thing. Honestly, it is not as horrible as it sounds, looks and feels similar to carpeting too.


corvetet_z06c510  corvetet_z06c57

The two-tone interior is above average, slightly better than a Maisto model from today. Again the age again is shown here with the huge dog-leg hinges to support the doors. These aren’t huge misses and should not deter you from purchasing the model. As you and I know well these are show pieces so I sure many of us do not display the models with the actual moves bits in the open position. No carpeting found here either, but as described above a carpet like material is used to line the flooring.


corvetet_z06c521  corvetet_z06c523

Being a fan of the Corvette and trying to find models of each era without breaking the bank (well not trying to) the AUTOart C5 Z06 comes recommended.  I believe your options in exterior colours are red, silver and yellow. Deals are out there, you should not have an issue finding one under $50. The overall package works very well and would display nicely next to models priced 4 to 5 times as much with thought. Get one! Enjoy the pics!

corvetet_z06c54  corvetet_z06c55  corvetet_z06c514

corvetet_z06c516  corvetet_z06c517  corvetet_z06c5

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