REVIEW: AUTOart Koenigsegg Agera RS •

REVIEW: AUTOart Koenigsegg Agera RS

In August of 2014, the extended team reviewed the awesome hypercar of the Koenigsegg Agera by AUTOart.  Back then there wasn’t a lot of talk about resin, composite and whatnot, the models for the most part coming to market were still actively made in diecast metal.  Fast forward to 2021, the tide has changed.  Most of the newness is shared between resin and diecast metal with most of the full metal examples in sealed form.  And today AUTOart has truly embraced their composite side with nearly 95% of their new models featuring the composite with a diecast metal shell.

For some this is challenging, and no matter the amount of lipstick used will sway their buying decisions.  On the other hand, there are others who understand that change in all aspects of life and also scale models are inevitable.  Change is okay by us.  But within the scale model community offering less and charging the same did not sit too well with collectors.  This leads us to the model under the microscope today, the new AUTOart Koenigsegg Agera RS!

The Koenigsegg Agera RS was billed as the ultimate track car.  And honestly, the best environment would be the track!  A step above the Agera R and S, the RS, was crowned the world’s fastest production car in 2017, with a verified, record-setting top speed of 447 km/h (278 mph).  That is bonkers!  In short, these are a sample of ingredients that make the Koenigsegg name such a fellowship with fans and collectors alike.  Their commitment to speed, industry-leading technology, all equates to creating the best possible sportscars in the world.  And they look so cool doing it!

Out of the box, two things strike you immediately are the weight – the predecessor crafted in metal while the new in plastic.  In this variant, the RS has side windows, while the AUTOart Agera did not.  Additional exterior differences, the Agera RS does offer a lot more in the visual technical enhancements.  Some include a larger front chin spoiler with centre splitter and fins on lower side intakes, two additional intakes in the hood, side profiles enhancements with lower fin and finally the larger rear wing to name a few.  This might not be the definite case, the Agera or RS, in general, has many variants, most title “final” version.

One thing we appreciate on any supercar or hypercar in this case is having an option for the unique and unusual exterior colour.  This example does that, with the Orange exterior paint called Cone Orange – a first for AUTOart we believe.  Along with Orange, the exterior finds exposed carbon fibre with Silver pin-stripping that runs front to back – happy to report the alignment on our example is nearly perfect.

AUTOart does a great job in capturing the essence of the original Koenigsegg design.  As mentioned earlier the list of exterior changes on the RS variant is nicely executed throughout.  The paint is excellent and the Cone Orange does look better in person than the published photos by AUTOart.  Carbon fibre work for the most part is provided via their tampo method.  The results here are great.  If there was one ask, possibly a slightly higher sheen in appearance…

This Koenigsegg Agera RS is transformer-like, meaning each element of the car is accessible, so much so it changes the entire look of the car when fully revealed.  So how are the shut lines here you may ask?  Excellent throughout, and the doors on the Agera RS are better defined than the previous Agera we have in-house.

Moving to the front, all openings are capped with metal grilles – this includes front and sides.  The large chin spoiler is crafted in moulded carbon fibre – not our preferred method.  Carbon fibre detailing extends to the beautifully crafted headlights inside. Nice attention to detail on the perimeter surrounding LED lights.

Access to the front storage is fully accessible and offers the collector the ability to store the removable roof.  We can confirm this claim does work and provides safe keeping for those that want to display the car with rood off.  We also should mention the area here is fully flocked with material that wasn’t present on the Agera release.  Operation of the hood is flawless on our example this is aided by the excellent hinge work and strut supports – though we would assume the struts are more show than support.

Also, note the two OEM badges across the lower front windshield structure.  Nice attention to detail…

The rear is also accessible, but before we move inside let’s tour the exterior end.  Up top, the ghost emblem is found in the centre glass.  The rear grille is open to the inside, love the look of the internal motor machinery in view!  Taillights here are gems, the level of definition here is up to the model’s price tag.  The lower centre exhaust is quality too and features badging on the exterior and internal side.

Opening the massive hatch is performed with ease, AUTOart completes the task with two highly defined hinges and two struts supports.  Once inside you are greeted with a plethora of detail, where does one begin?  The upper surrounding of the motor area is completed with tampo style carbon fibre.

Now looking at the motor and related the intakes and upper section of the intake are completed with a moulded carbon fibre.  What grinds our gears, in the previous release (Agera) had this intricate part accomplished with tampo style carbon fibre, which was more entuned with the original.

Beautifully detailed shocks and strut bar sit just in front.  Admirable badge work on the strut bar!    What is missing though is the secondary strut bar that supports the two hatch struts.  Moving further down the textured ceramic exhaust with heat plates are attractive pieces and definitely adds creditability.  Though missing are two pieces of the exhaust system that flank each side of the tubing are missing.  This was the same on the Agera too.

Rollers on the Agera RS mirror those found on the One:1 (the Agera RS does share parts and tech here).  The overall execution of the wheels is more than acceptable, though some will claim the sheen is off, we would agree.  Other than this minor miss would be the lack of air valve.  The supporting cast of braking components includes exterior paint-matched brake calipers that also include Koenigsegg badging front and rear.  Rotors mimic ceramic material; we love the consideration of detail in the centre part of the discs.  Lastly, tire branding is part of the package too.

As mentioned, the Agera RS does come equipped with a removable roof – fitment on our example was excellent.  Doors open and mirror operation to the original car, this feature still plants a smile of awe on our face.  So cool!  Note, mirrors do require you to install them, installation is very simple.  AUTOart is also kind enough to include two sets.

Inside the cockpit is surrounded by carbon fibre, AUTOart completes this with tampo style.  Appropriate badging is also included on the lower doors section, three in total.  Inside there is a mix of moulded and decals – moulded carbon fibre is focused on the doors, upper section of the dash and rear section of the back area of the centre console, whereas decals are found in the centre console and steering wheel.  The overall look isn’t bad, but at this price, a level of consistency would be preferred.

We still find the interiors on the LCD Models more refined, though AUTOart did action the seatbelts here in fabric with metal buckets.  Also, the dash elements seem to mirror the original more convincingly than their Pagani did.

Pound for pound the AUTOart Koenigsegg Agera RS is the best value for the money today…  Yes, there might be a sealed offering that presents the carbon fibre working in a better light, but, these are sealed and don’t offer the transformer experience here.  And there are some that say the Fronti-Art examples are better, maybe so, but these come at a premium, over $1000 CND.  AUTOart will set you back north of $400 after taxes.

The above is no admission of victory.  There are some areas as we mentioned above that once were a staple in the early assortment from AUTOart that now with the luck of dice may be here or overlooked for various reasons.  The AUTOart Koenigsegg Agera RS is a delightful example and checks a lot of must-haves.  It is not perfect but what model today is?  Enjoy the pics!

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21 Responses to "REVIEW: AUTOart Koenigsegg Agera RS"

  1. Aaron says:

    I’m rather disappointed that Autoart did not do the Agera “R” in addition to the “RS”. I like the Agera R better

  2. Karsten says:

    Thanks a lot for this meticulous review. Good timing, too, as I´m considering to add this. Short note: AUTOart´s CCX had an orange colour option, too, with orange being somewhat of a Koenigsegg signature colour. What wasn´t mentioned either (probably because we´ve become so used to it) is the tyre branding, but I still find it laudable and worth mentioning. Another laudable detail are the chrome plate badges in the “frunk” that lend credibility to the model.

    You´ve got to be suspicious about AA´s models these days (and you´ve highlighted cut corners), but this admittedly a better one. On the other hand … the price tag: 360 Euros when my AR Defender only cost 250€ ? That´s a gap filled by a decent Norev.

    Still on the fence… would pull the trigger if I found one the other side of the 300€ threshold.

    • DS Team says:

      Yes, there was an Orange offered for the CCX, however that exterior leaned towards a more metallic finish, this one is not.

      Thanks for the tire branding mention; edited review here.

  3. flathead says:

    Great pics and review of what appears to be a great model. Thanks!

    • DS Team says:

      Thanks. Helping collectors one review at a time ;)

      • Karsten says:

        Indeed, so you have! I have found me one for 315 Euros. Still expensive, but it will hardly become available at a better price here in Europe. Thanks again, it keeps me from having another unpleasant surprise like withe the Huayra Roadster. Same goes for the AR Defender, I got today.

  4. Adrián I. says:

    Thanks for the complete review of this thing, I was waiting for you guys to give your perspective in order to make a final decision. I’ll be definitely picking up the one with moon silver paint and orange accents.

  5. kyuman says:

    I had a hard time choosing between the cone orange and the red version, but I finally got the red one. I have to second and emphasize the reviewer’s note that the colors and finish really do look awesome in person, photos don’t do the colors justice. I was rather stunned when I took my Agera RS out of the box! I really do wish they would make a black/gold trim carbon fiber Gryphon version….

    • DS Team says:

      It would be nice if AUTOart did not play it safe on at least 50% of the production run. Surely this will go into production again, crossing fingers they get creative with the colours!

  6. ScuderiaVeloce says:

    Since you have reviewed both the Autoart Agera RS and Autoart One:1, how would you compare them in terms of execution? Is the newer Agera RS better and can it justify the increased retail price of $50 USD??

    • DS Team says:

      To be honest, no, the model parallels the other. Other than some exterior body differences. Does three years since the One:1 decree a price increase? That is for AUTOart to define.

    • Vitaliy D says:

      I’ve carefully studied available photos in internet and for me it looks like there are improvements. For example:
      – the side parts of the dashboard have “carbon” at the top and at the bottom (while One:1 did not have “carbon” at the top);
      – the screen on the dashboard has an image (while it was just black on One:1);
      – the engine of the has been corrected: now it includes the air pipes on both left and right sides of the motor (while One:1 had it only on one side);
      – it looks like there are metal meshs between the front wheels and the doors (at least, it looked like that on one of the photos – I can’t say for sure);
      – it looks like there are metal meshs above the back wheels (where One:1 had just plastic imitations) – but again, I can’t say for sure.
      Also, I’d like to mark nice inscriptions in the cargo area and on the back glass of the cabin.
      Apart from that, it seems to have the same plastic look & feel interior with Maisto-like pedals and the engine area thar looks rather a plastic parody of what they did before e.g. in “classic” die cast Pagani Huayra.

  7. Lykan Hypersutra says:

    This Is a Really Great Review. According To One Of Your Posts You Guys Are Not Pro Photographers. Well How Come The Pics Are So Good Every Single Time Then? :D Seriously, The Pics Are So Good, I Wanna Touch The Model.

    I Like The Color Of The Model But I Think I Like The Silver Version Even More. Should Be Available In Germany Any Day Now. Can’t Wait Anymore.

    What’s Up With The Prices In Germany? CK Offers Some Of The Pagani And Koenigsegg Models For 399 Euro. You Should Know Something Went Really Wrong With Your Pricing If The Models On Freakin’ Ebay Are Smaller Than On Your Website. The Viewed/Sold Counter On CK Product Page For This Model Doesn’t Do The Seller Any Favors Either. This Amazing Looking Model Should Sell Like Hot Cakes But Instead The Counter For Sold Units Is Embarrassing Low.

    • DS Team says:

      LOL, that is true. Trail and error.

      CK has done so strange things over the years… Spend your money elsewhere if this is the case.

    • Karsten says:

      I got mine from Modelcarworld on a 20% off voucher for 288 €. Fingers crossed that it´s ok, when it arrives.
      CK Modelcars can be competitively cheap, but as soon as there is high demand or a model becoming rare, they raise prices to the “greedy” level. It tells volumes that retailers can give huge discounts without losing money.
      I no longer have one single retailer I can buy from at decent prices, but different retailers for different kinds of models. It really has become a kind of sport to seek out the best prices. Prices have risen to a level you no longer buy with no questions asked.
      I had to return my first attempt of getting the Agera RS today because a rear hinge is disconnected. Not acceptible at this price-point. I have no hesitations returning a model over even small issues when it has a price-tag like this. If a manufacturer asks top-notch prices I expect no less then top-notch quality and QC, as simple as that.

      • DS Team says:

        “I have no hesitations returning a model over even small issues when it has a price-tag like this. If a manufacturer asks top-notch prices I expect no less then top-notch quality and QC, as simple as that.”

        Absolutely! BUY from reputable retailers, Service after the sale is paramount!

      • Lykan Hypersutra says:

        Hi Karsten.

        “I got mine from Modelcarworld on a 20% off voucher for 288 €. Fingers crossed that it´s ok, when it arrives.”

        Thank You For The Hint. I Checked My E-Mails And I Got The Same voucher. I Also Got One From CK. 15% Off For The Entire Assortment. You Got Lucky Though. At This Moment MCW Offers Only One White Agera For 370 Euro. So Congrats. :D
        BTW: If You Log Into Your CK Account Right Now You Have a Birthday Gift. I Got a Top Speed McLaren Speedtail With Showcase For 73 Euro. Yay :D
        So Yes, You’re Right. CK Can Be Very Competitive At Times.
        I Think I Know What CK, Modelissimo And MCW Are Doing. They Give Us 10-25% Off Vouchers And At The Same Time They Raise The Prices For Highend Models Like Autoart, BBR Or Almost Real. That Way We Have Cheaper Norev, Minichamps And Top Speed Models While Highend Models Stay Closer To “Regular” Prices. Makes Sence If You’re a Seller But It’s Not a Good Look. Is It Even Legal? Probably Somewhat Of a Grey Area.

        “I had to return my first attempt of getting the Agera RS today because a rear hinge is disconnected. Not acceptible at this price-point.”

        Woow. So The Entire Engine Cover Was Disconnected? Something Like This Happened With My First NSX NC1. Rear Cover Was Connected Only On One Side. The Screw For The Other Side Were Rolling Somewhere Inside The Model. I Returned It And Got The KengFai Version Instead. My First Koenigsegg One:1 Arrived Busted As Well. Twisted Chasis To The Point Where The Roof Wouldn’t Fit, , Broken Door And On And On…..
        We Don’t Have To Hate Composite Like Some People Do But We Have To Admit, These Models Are Very Fragile. A Huge Downside….
        Anyway, I Hope Your Second Model Is fine. Ich drücke dir die Daumen. :)

        Alright, Back On Topic: I Bought The Moon Silver Version For 320 Euro Three Days Ago And The Model Arrived Yesterday. You Guys Probably Know Me. I’m Actually Not That Hard To Impress. So Imagine How I Felt. I Opened The Styrofoam Shell And Baam!! Is This An Amazing Model Or What? :D
        First Thing I Noticed Was The Painting. Moon Silver Painting Looks Really Good. Actually Even Better Than I Expected. I Like The Tone Of This Color. It’s Really Hard To Explain. You Have To See It Yourself. Also No Paint Chipping And No Scratches. Shutlines On My Model Are Almost Perfect. The Roof Is Easy To Install And The Door Windows Are Perfectly Aligned. Nice Small Details Everywhere. It’s a Great Model, No Doubt About It.
        The Model Has Only One Small Issue. The Right Door Stays Open But It Falls Down As Soon As I Touch It. I Guess One Of The Magnets Is Either Not Working Or Simply Missing. But Hey, The Door Stays Up If Really Needed Just Incase I Have To Make Some Pics So It’s Fine I Guess. I’m Gonna Keep This Model Because Everything Else Is Perfect.

        I Have Only One Question Now. When Do We Expect Regera Ghost Package And Jesko To Be Released?

  8. Vitaliy D says:

    Let me compare the AutoArt 1:18 Koenigsegg Agera RS with AutoArt 1:18 Koenigsegg One:1.
    Technically these 1:18 models are very similar, so let’s concentrate on differences between them. As the 1:18 One:1 was released before the 1:18 Agera RS, we may expect some improvements in the newer model. Let’s take closer look!

    The front.
    The front wings of the Agera RS are made from the same grooved plastic that tries to imitate carbon fibre. The front lower grille is still represented by blind plastic.
    The storage compartment is covered with flock. It looks more interesting than pure grooved plastic in the One:1. There are also nice small inscriptions above the storage area in the Agera RS. The removable roof can be stored in the storage compartment (it exactly matches it).
    Interesting observation: the hood struts in the One:1 are connected to the outer sides of the storage compartment, whereas in the Agera RS they are connected to the inner sides.

    The sides.
    The most noticeable things are tiny metal meshes behind the front wheels (the One:1 did not have them). Pretty nice! Also, now you have to install the side mirrors by yourself. (I succeeded only from a 10th attempt with the left mirror; the right mirror placed correctly from the very 1st attempt).
    Apart from that, everything else is identical to the One:1.
    The wheels are absolutely the same, using the same grooved plastic that tries to imitate carbon fibre.

    The cabin.
    The most noticeable improvements are: the console screen contains an image (this screen was just black in the One:1); the side parts of the dashboard contains “carbon fibre” below and above the “crack” (the One:1 did not have the “carbon fibre” above the “crack”). The transparent part of the roof brightens the cabin; the back window contains very nice inscriptions. These details make the 1:18 Agera RS’s cabin more interesting.
    Apart from that, the interior have the very same plastic look & feel, the steering wheel still lacks buttons, the pedals are still Maisto-like.

    The back.
    The most noticeable improvement is the back wing with real-looking “carbon fibre” instead of grooved plastic. Wow! Also the transparent part of the engine hood with its “ghost” logo looks nice.
    The engine itself has tiny improvements: now the motor correctly has air pipes on both left and right sides (the One:1 did not have it on the left side, demonstrating inaccurate plastic fan).
    The engine hood has small protuberances on each side – these small parts exactly match small hollows underneath, when the engine hood is pulled down.
    Everything else is the same, including static suspension and blind plastic imitation of meshes above the back wheels (similarly to the One:1).

    Overall, I believe it is a more interesting model than the 1:18 One:1, with some tiny improvements here and there.
    While the FrontiArt 1:18 model looks more realistic, it is way more expensive and uses a resin base where AutoArt uses a metal base. In fact, these visible metal parts where one of reasons why I considered a composite AutoArt’s model.
    And, if you wondering what happened to my AutoArt 1:18 Koenigsegg One:1, I had sold it prior to acquiring the 1:18 Agera RS. So I was using my memory and photos from internet to do the comparison. (As for the memory, by the way, the price of 288 euro reminds the original price of 289 euro for the “classic” die-cast AutoArt 1:18 Pagani Huayra. At those times I was thinking that the 1:18 Pagani Huayra was good, well, very good, but still so far from 1:18 CMC models, so far from being perfect. But today, looking at the newest and latest AutoArt 1:18 models, I realize that the 1:18 Pagani Huayra actually _was_ a perfect model in the world of AutoArt models…)

    • Lykan Hypersutra says:

      I’m Pretty Sure My Koenigsegg One:1 Came With Detached Mirrors, Just Like The New Agera RS. I Agree With Everything Else Though. Agera RS Is The Better Model. The Fact That The RS Is The Fastest Hyper Car In The World (Well Officially At Least) Makes It Even More Valuable.

      Huayra Is My Favorite Super Car And Autoart’s Huayra Coupe Is My Most Favorite Model. Their BC Version Is Not Bad But Not As Good As The Huayra Coupe.
      BTW: My Advice: Don’t Buy Huayra First And Then Zonda After. I Bought My Huayra First And I Was Really Impressed. I Really Like The Design Of The Car. Seriously, Mr. Pagani Nailed It And Autoart Produced An Amazing Model Of a Great Car. And Then, a Few Months Later, I Got The Zonda And When I Saw It I Thought -Well, It’s a Nice Model- And Moved On. Don’t Get Me Wrong, Zonda Is a Great Car And Autoart Released a Great Model, But It Just Can’t Compete With Huayra. Just My Opinion.

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