REVIEW: AUTOart LB Works Lamborghini Aventador •

REVIEW: AUTOart LB Works Lamborghini Aventador

I wasn’t going to review this particular model in detail, but since the girlfriend is out west, I seem to have a little more free time this weekend.  The model in question is the 1:18 scale LB Works Lamborghini Aventador in Metallic Sky Blue by AUTOart.

Tuner cars have been all the rage in the last few years.  We’ve seen many in sealed and open versions become available in many shapes and sizes.  This one, in particular, is from AUTOart’s composite/diecast series.  Though the expectation it is fully accessible is not quite justified.  Access is only permitted to the interior.  Typically AUTOart in Lamborghini platform do provide access to front and rear, but it seems they went with a more cost-effective option here.  We, I, hate it!

Now, this is my opinion on alternative reasons these tuners cars have grown in popularity with manufacturers.  The obvious, it appeals to a younger generation.  The youth of today grave distractions, blend in such words into a sentence as Stance, Shoes (wheels), Wide Fender and Body Kits and you have the perfect recipe.  All of which are found within this model here.  Second, I think the licensing aspect makes the model more profitable.  Technically this is not a “Lamborghini”, it is modified one-off, hence not having to pay Lamborghini the going rate.  Add this formula to AUTOart’s 50% access and you have a great return on your investment.  And let’s face it; the car does look cool if you’re into that sort of thing…

From an exterior perspective, the metallic flake in the Metallic Sky Blue is quite visible.  The paintwork on our example is flawless and consistent throughout.  It really pops!  Mated with the Black accents parts this model really looks sharp in person.  Though, we did not like the transition of Blue to Black on the front fascia lower section.  See photos for more definition.

The basic design of the Lamborghini Aventador is captured well by AUTOart.  From the LB Works tuner perspective, the already outrageous design of the Aventador is multiplied by ten!  The ingredients include wide fenders and rims, second massive spoiler fitted above primary spoiler (rear), extended chin and rear diffuser.  We can’t forget the 360 decals, which some say adds 15 horsepower.  All joking aside, this model has some serious gravité.

The large intakes on each side are completed with perforated grilles.  Decal work is very clean too.  We also like the addition of Black paint that separates the added body panel to the Aventador skin.  Also, the rivets are clearly defined as well.

Lower intakes on the front are once again completed with perforated metal grilles.  Headlight detail is good.  And lastly, the modified LB Works new chin spoiler is executed nicely in Matt Black finish.

The rear is dominated by a second carbon fibre spoiler, the execution here is very good.  To actually see the weave pattern requires a good amount on direct lighting.  Taillights are decent as well as are the exposed exhaust tips.  Perforated metal grilles are found in the two largest opening too.  The rear diffuser is outrageous in design, the four spikes could infect harm on your enemies or you could consider roasting marshmallows utilizing the centre exhaust.  Seriously I hope there was some testing to prove their worth…

Wheels are massive in overall size and depth.  The multi-spoke design is completed in Matt Black finish.  In behind cross-drilled rotors are Gold calipers.  In my opinion, the rotors are somewhat weak, they look cheap and plastic like.  The stance is on point, we love the tucked wheels.

The interior is accessed via the typical up-swing Lamborghini doors.  Operation on our example worked flawlessly on both sides.  The interior is completed in Grey/Black and White theme.  Overall decent marks for implementing all elements – this includes the dash, centre console and door cards.  Poor marks for the colour separation of various sections – the transitional Grey/White areas.

We did like the textured used in the steering wheel.  Seat-belts are present but fabricated with rubber.  Interior flocking is used within the footwell, which transitions well with the rubber mats.

Overall the model does perform well.  There isn’t any major flaw inside or out.  If tuner cars are your thing, this would be a welcomed addition to your collection.  On the flip side, this model could have elevated with the simple addition of a motor and front access. Surely, this would have translated to more sales.  AUTOart are you lazy or putting profit in front of vision?

There are other options available, GT Spirit, for example, about $185CND.  The AUTOart here has a suggested retail of $230CND.  If you want to save some money and can live without the functioning doors, it definitely is a viable alternative.   Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Douglas Morales says:

    For me its better the GT Spirit Model.

  2. Flo says:

    The Aventador GT Spirit in the same color (the best one!) Is difficult to find and often overpriced, this AUTOart is usually cheaper. It is perfect to complete the Huracan Liberty Walk !

    Oh and beautiful pictures.

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