REVIEW: Automodello 1934 Packard Twelve Convertible •

REVIEW: Automodello 1934 Packard Twelve Convertible

Words and photos courtesy of Wes Shakirov / StratosWRC


If you’re into models of vintage and classic cars, doubtless you’ve heard of Automodello by now. Their 1:43 subject matter is exquisite, as is the finish. Their latest venture, the 1934 Packard by Dietrich, is another masterpiece. It is not very often that 1:43 models have presence, but this little thing has oodles of it. The shape is spot on, the paint is gorgeous, and it is very detailed.

Packard Twelve Convertible19

I have come across several 1:43 scale models by Automodello and this is arguably the best one yet. Like some of their other models, you have the option of fitting it with the beige hood up or down. Personally, I prefer this one with the top down. I think it looks much more resplendent this way. The paint is rich and lustrous, and there are no sloppy edges or marks. The photo-etched detail is off the charts here, crisply executed and abundant throughout the model.

Packard Twelve Convertible5

Packard Twelve Convertible

The car comes with two spare tires, one on each side, encased in pretty body-colour compartments decorated with chrome accents. Interestingly, you’ll also find the mirrors here, perched on top. Note the little photo-etched blades that come out of the engine covers, six on each side, one for each cylinder. The detail on the front end is excellent, with a sea of chrome comprising the regal hood logo, giant grille, and the head lamps with horns underneath them. No details omitted here.

Packard Twelve Convertible8

Packard Twelve Convertible7

Moving on to the interior, which is carpeted of course, we find the chrome gearshift knob, and a dashboard sticker that still manages to have a look of depth to it, thanks to some cleverly placed trim. The rear end is extremely impressive, with plenty more photo-etch details here.

Packard Twelve Convertible12

This model comes in three versions, the other two colours being Blue and Black. Whichever one you choose, you can’t go wrong, as it’s a really special piece and deserves a place in any 1:43 collection of pre-war cars. If you’d like to order one, head to, and enjoy the pictures.

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Packard Twelve Convertible3

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  1. Sam says:

    At that price and the self importance of the maker, it should have the proper pin striping. -1.

  2. Larry Kemling says:

    Having just found this review with questions on the pinstripes on this model thought I put in my two cents,Sam it’s seems is correct…I have both this Automodello model and the Franklin Mint 1/24 which does have gold pinstripping along the bottom edges of the fenders as well as along the belt line….
    Sorry this is 5 years late…

    • Larry Kemling says:

      One other note !i have a picture saved of a exact 1.1 example of the Modello 1/43 Packard model 12 in that beautiful Red paint scheme and it indeed also shows the correct pinstripping.

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