REVIEW: GT Spirit Porsche 911 (997) Speedster •

REVIEW: GT Spirit Porsche 911 (997) Speedster

Every year we anticipate what manufacturers will produce, and once in a while they hit the mark with that special model that brings great pride and joy for one to add to their collection. Well, that model announcement for 2014 was the GT Spirit replica of the Porsche 911 (997) Speedster. Not only did they announce this piece, but the initial model was completed in OEM Pure Blue, one of two colours the Speedster is available in, with the second being Carrera White.


There hasn’t been a Porsche 911 (997) Speedster since the mid nineties; the 997 edition is modeled after the historical line but employs an aerodynamic aero package, tinted headlights, black accents, a soft-top cover, a special front apron, specific side skirts, and a distinct rear apron. Only 356 of these beauties will be produced by Porsche. The 911 Speedster is powered by a 3.8-liter flat six engine that produces 408 horsepower through a seven-speed PDK transmission. The sports car also features active suspension management and ceramic composite brakes. So, how did GT Spirit do?


The exterior lines of the Speedster are excellent and capture the 1:1 well. This is something the brand is slowly building a reputation for. Shutlines and panel gaps aren’t an issue as the model is produced in sealed resin form. Exterior paint is thick, lush, and delicious, no flaws at all, and the Pure Blue just exudes presence. There is a minor issue, however, with the paint on the passenger-side rear matt-black wheelarch cover. There are 3-4 small chips that allow the base Pure Blue to come through. Hey GTS, please question the quality control personnel “QC 3” based the “Quality Control Card” within my box. Nothing a black felt tip marker can’t fix…



Continuing with the exterior, GT Spirit even captured the limited edition badging on both sides of the front panels. The rear exhaust tips are black too, as well as the rear Speedster badge. One thing I’m not happy with is the front plate. My suggestion is you either add a true European plate or have nothing at all. All things considered, the exterior of the model is top notch.


Wheels are typical high-quality GT Spirit. Each is faithfully replicated with black centres and chrome surrounds. Even the air valve was replicated. The wheels are mated to nicely executed rotors and bright, shiny yellow calipers. My research stated the Speedster was to be produced with ‘ceramic composite brakes’, definitely not what we have here. Can anyone confirm?



The interior is appointed well. Blue checkered pattern and blue accents adorn the seats, dash, and doors cards. GT Spirit even went the extra mile to add the limited edition badge to the glove box and the Speedster logo on the hand brake – well done! Entire interior is flocked, or carpeted, in black front to rear.


Being a Porsche fan, this one was a must; if you are too, this limited edition will not last! I was definitely a little disappointed with the slight cosmetic miss on one the rear wheelarch covers, but for the most part we have a nicely executed piece that will show well in any collection for years to come. News of Carrera White and Pure Blue Special Editions are now starting to surface, both shipping with a base and cover, though the price tag is a little steep, 210 Euro, or roughly $294CND. Enjoy the pics!

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porsche_(991)speester16 porsche_(991)speester17 porsche_(991)speester18

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