REVIEW: IXO Models 1956 Scenicruiser Greyhound Bus •

REVIEW: IXO Models 1956 Scenicruiser Greyhound Bus

Our fans on occasion ask for more variety, we are always glad to oblige. This week, thanks to IXO Models we have our first review of the brand.  The specimen is 1:43 scale and features the 1956 Scenicruiser Greyhound bus.  The model is manufactured in diecast metal with no opening parts.  Retail is roughly $54CND.  We have a few more models from the manufacture to share, but we’ll save the announcement for a later date.

The first thing that strikes is the size of the model, the Scenicruiser Greyhound bus stretches just shy of 11 inches in length.  The exterior is painted in a Blue/White theme with the classic Greyhound logo at the side.  Overall the painted work is quite good.  The biggest miss is the blacking around the windows from the upper front and side section; a little rough around the edges.

Moving to the front, you’ll notice the individual side mirrors are positioned differently from each other and windshield wipers are executed on in metal with extremely fine wiper blades.  Indicator lights and headlights material are plastic and provide average detail.  The upper posting area shows the “BOSTON”, which adds a little realism to the piece.

The rear is somewhat more simplistic.  Taillights are painted here.  Upper lighting and side indicators are a nice touch too.  Another feature that is hard to see in the provided images is the weld seam that connects the upper portion of the metal roof to the back section.  Very authentic to the era of bus design.

Wheels on the Scenicruiser Greyhound bus are executed in plastic, featuring White with Blue centres.  All wheels roll, but no steering is available to the front wheels.  Tires are completed in rubber and feature authentic patterns.

Underneath the model is fixed with black plastic pieces which run the entire length. It does reveal various basic elements of undercarriage and suspension components.  You can see the far rear section on the right does show the exhaust system painted in Silver.

The Scenicruiser Greyhound is a double-decker and seating is provided for both levels.  The attention to detail is poor.  Basically, we have a repeated dual seat in a cookie-cutter pattern, all fabricated in a simple Black plastic.  The driver section shows a simple steering wheel and dash surround.  This is as simple as a scale replica can measure.

The IXO Model 1:43 Scenicruiser Greyhound bus is definitely a looker!  The Colour combination is a good choice, matched with the Greyhound brand the classic double-decker design does look the part. On the flip side, the inside is underwhelming with the bare minimum here being executed.  If you’re looking for a Schuco quality this model is not.  Though the price point is reflective of the overall detail.

The Scenicruiser Greyhound bus is a niche piece, the retro looks are sure to resonate with collectors who only chose to collect buses or possibly service vehicles.  This piece from IXO will hit the mark.  Enjoy the pics!

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