REVIEW: Kyosho | OUSIA Range Rover Sport SVR •

REVIEW: Kyosho | OUSIA Range Rover Sport SVR

The tale of two SUVs…  The latest review will feature the Kyosho | OUSIA Range Rover Sport SVR in Santorini Black and Indus Silver.  If you aren’t familiar with the OUSIA series from Kyosho, let me educate you somewhat.  OUSIA models basically are closed-body shells manufactured in diecast metal.  Price point is entry-level, usually selling around the $100 mark.  So Kyosho takes the trend of sealed resin and adds a twist, diecast metal! I like it!

Since this is officially our first OUSIA series model, I’ll start with the packaging.  It is quite simple, black exterior box with multiple windows featuring the OUSIA logo and arbitrary licensing and safety elements.  Inside a skeleton like cage, the model is fixed to a plastic base.  Removing four screws and the model is set free, and let me tell you, these suckers were a bitch to remove!

The weight of the Range Rover is typical 1:18 scale fare.  Overall exterior lines mirror the original with care.  The model is sealed; this makes the shutlines and panel gaps better than the real thing!  Exterior paint is solid and consistent throughout.  Though I found the Santorini Black colour a little thick in a few small areas.  From the birds eye view you can see through the tinted moon roof – absolutely no functionally at all, roof is fixed.

The fascia of the SVR is crafted with care, though the opening price point does come with shortcomings. What I mean by that is Kyosho used solid plastic bits for all grilles; this includes the front, top of the hood and fenders.  On the plus side the Range Rover script and badges have depth and are quality pieces.  Headlight detail is slightly above average.

The rear is much like the front.  Taillights are definitely better than the headlights – overall definition excels and multiple colours add to the realism.  The SVR badge (right) is solid too.  Lower valances, which includes integrated red lights and exhaust, are nicely crafted and fitted too.

Since the model is sealed I can’t show you the motor, so I’ll comment on the undercarriage.  Detail is average; exhaust system front to rear is by far the best defined element.  Suspension bits and various other sections are average in detail.

The wheels on the Range Rover Sport SVR are nicely detailed.  Multiple colours are easily defined; rotors and calipers are quality bits too.  The Brembo logo is found on the front calipers and the wheels feature air inlet at all four corners.  A typical pain point with resin models are usually static wheels due to poor installation and quality control.  Front and rear on the Kyosho piece work without issue, though front wheels cannot be steered.

The interior of the SVR features a two-tone look and right-hand drive.  The Black model comes equipped in Black/Tan, while Silver sees Black/Off-White.  Both sell the model well.  Overall detail is covered for the most part, though I feel the look is a little somewhat on the “plastic” side.  Thumbs up are given for the amount of solid detail on the small knobs and such on the dash and centre console.  The model features no carpeting or fabric seat-belts, but remember we’re dealing with an opening price point model.

The Kyosho | OUSIA Range Rover Sport SVR was a pleasant surprise.  For those that can’t get into the “resin” models, there is the diecast body design. The model definitely has shelf presence, Kyosho’s colour choice helps fit the Ranger Rover Sport SVR skin well.  For an an opening price point at roughly $100 I believe the model does well.  If you can overlook  the cost cutting elements I believe it to be a good addition.   I’m sure this one will fall into many collections.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Sac says:

    Ohh..i wish the OUSIA brand were open body…unfortunately i am biased against closed body..and non steerable wheels limit posing opportunities..

  2. Mark says:

    Where were you able yo get this?

  3. Domee says:

    This Range Rover is another great example of:
    Open=MUST HAVE!
    Sealed= No way. Never!
    Is this actually a thing now that everything has to be sealed? Very disappointed…

  4. JM says:

    No open doors?
    Ok than not more than 50€!

  5. Maria says:

    How do I buy this

  6. Maria says:

    I desperately need it

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