REVIEW: OttOmobile Portugal Audi Team Rally Set •

REVIEW: OttOmobile Portugal Audi Team Rally Set

Every once in a while something special crosses our desk, something quite different and unique that you just can’t wait to share with the masses.  Just recently the team from OttOmobile sent us a few goodies. One box, in particular, was 3-4 times the size of their average 1:18 packaging, so excited we jumped right in like a kid in a candy store! To our surprise, the contents inside contained our very own sample of their new 1:18 Portugal Audi Team Rally Set.

If you live under a rock of north of the North Pole maybe you didn’t hear about this set from OttOmobile. The three-piece kit along with accessories comes fully equipped with Volkswagen LT45 Van with tires, Audi Sport Quattro S1 and Trailer with ramps. The set is based on the 1986 Rally of Portugal, Team Audi with drivers Röhrl and Geistdörfer. The kit is limited to 3000 pieces and retails for 179 Euro or about $275CND.

Due to the size of this specimen, we’re going to handle the review a little bit different. Each piece will be discussed in separate and we’ll wrap of the review with our final thoughts and value proposition. Also, we do apologize in advance, due to the limitation of our photo studio acquiring the best photos with the model fully intact was not possible, but we did our best to satisfy most of you.

The Trailer…

Let’s start off with the trailer. The first surprise is the material of the trailer itself, it is fully constructed in metal, well 98% of it. This is is definitely not the OttOmobile norm, as they paved their success on resin. We have to guess that metal is better suited to support the weight. Overall craftsmanship is very good to excellent. It is also very nicely balanced so there is no issue for displaying your favourite car hitched or un-hitched. We like the use of textured tarmac surface for the runners. Also, the required braking lights are crafted with quality material with caution hazard logos to boot.

Two metal ramps are included too. Each easily locks into the provided metal supports on each side. Installation and removal is a breeze and installed or not the trailer is extremely rigid and safe. The ramps also feature the same textured design. As you move to the front you’ll notice it is equipped with stabilizing wheel and winch, neither of which is actually functional, but both provide very good detail.

Yellow painted fenders are front and centre, they protect the wheels and the cargo. Paint is beautifully executed here. Two wheels on each side complete the package both sets are attached utilizing full metal axles. Rim detail is very good, each is mated to rubber tires.

The Volkswagen LT45 Van…

The Volkswagen LT45 Van is a perfect hauler. Basic in today’s standards, but at the time it innovative.  The van is decorated in the same Audi colours as the race car. No access is granted to any of the internal bits, as OttOmobile today is based on sealed resin models. Two thumbs up to OttOmobile for capturing the overall body lines of the LT45. Panel gaps and shut lines are on point too. Basic White paint is the perfect canvas, the forefront is decal rich. The execution of each is done extremely well.

The upper section of the van does feature a storage rack and comes equipped with 12 spare tires, just enough for race day. Only draw back they are not removable.  This storage rack does ship separately. Installation is simple. There are eight connection points, two rear and three on each side. No fear in harming the paint either, the rack is crafted in a soft plastic material, which is very easy to steer into the provided openings. Overall it is quite rigid and performs its task without issue. Note the quality safety lights on the rear.

Interior here is quite sparse. It could be a combination of period correctness and budget limits. All the basic elements are found, but definitely, detail here is nothing over and above.

The front and rear of the van are both executed with quality parts and materials. A notable mention to the headlight, taillights, and alternative front lighting. Side mirrors are static and non-adjustable. The rear hitch is up to the task too. No issue in attaching the trailer or supporting the load. Wheels are period correct as well and the fit and finish are very good.

The Audi  Sport Quattro S1 #3…

The star of the show is most definitely the Audi Sport Quattro S1. We proud to say the overall execution of the model is excellent. No drop in OttOmobile quality here. It exceeds or is no par from other models we have reviewed from the brand. The overall design is nicely captured by OttOmobile. Again paint work and decal application is excellent on our example. We always wonder how many man hours/minutes it takes to apply the graphics. This car is loaded with them! We contacted OttOmobile to comment on the decal or tapoon application, we’ve yet to hear back.  Please note the model does ship with an aerial for the car.  Our photos are presented without. 

** UPDATE **  As per OttOmobile the decal process implemented here and with all their models are done with “handmade decalcomania”.  The process of decalcomania is defined as “the process of transferring designs from prepared paper onto glass or porcelain.  A technique used by some surrealist artists that involves pressing paint between sheets of paper”

Large intakes on the side of Audi S1 are capped with perforated grilles. Also, note how the team captured the transparent spoiler/aero that runs the length of the front fenders. See image below.  So cool!

The front of the S1 is captivating with its standard headlights and dual packs of trio-lighting. The large bumper and fenders add to the aggressive nature. The lower grille is metal and perforated as well as the six cooling grilles on top of the hood. All decal work is beautifully executed too.

The rear is shoulder heavy with a massive rear spoiler. Note the transparent fins on each end.  We love the attention of detail!  Wide fenders continue into the rear.  The lower Black cooling grilles are solid plastic bits while the single White is perforated metal. Nice work on the tinted taillights and single exhaust pipe. We also like the defined hinges on the rear hatch just behind the HB International decal.

The Speedline wheels are awesome visually. Blue decals are in check on the rears, with slotted rotors and Silver calipers completing the package. The fronts feature protective covers. There are holes around the parameter that add to the authenticity, definitely one of our favourite elements of the model.

The interior is wonderful on the Audi S1. I see where the OttOmobile factored most of the budget. We have a very in-depth interior, the use of colour, textures and accessories provide a true visual experience. Each makes the various elements within the interior shine. What impressed us most is the fabric grab handles on the doors. All seat-belt harnesses as well as being fabric (hello AUTOart) are all four connected with small hooks on the back side. Very nice indeed.

Without hesitation, this is one of the best examples from OttOmobile we have ever reviewed. The three-piece kit excels on overall detail and value for the money. There will be some that say resin has no place, we think you’re wrong. How cool would this Portugal Audi Team Rally Set look in full display for any fan of Rally racing or the Audi brand? Opening or not there is no doubt shelf presence is very high.

On the flip side the Volkswagen LT45 Van does pale in some regards to the Audi Sport Quattro S1, this is mostly seen from the interior perspective. Again to hit certain price points some level of detail is sacrificed, but as we said earlier the primary star is the Audi Sport Quattro S1.

The team at OttOmobile have done an awesome job at putting together a very unique package. And one that so complete doesn’t come around too often. With Christmas around the corner, this would make a great gift set. Contact OttOmobile or one of our fine site sponsors to order you sample today.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Rafa says:

    Thank you very much for the awesome review, as always! I want to buy a set last week and unfortunately, the item is already sold out.

  2. Colm Doyle says:

    Hi, great review. .Are you sure about the 180 euro price as my local supplier is charging 399 euro for the same set. Thanks.

  3. DS Team says:

    ** UPDATE ** As per OttOmobile the decal process implemented here and with all their models are done with “handmade decalcomania”. The process of decalcomania is defined as “the process of transferring designs from prepared paper onto glass or porcelain. A technique used by some surrealist artists that involves pressing paint between sheets of paper”

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