REVIEW: OttOmobile Volkswagen MKIV Golf R32 •

REVIEW: OttOmobile Volkswagen MKIV Golf R32

Let me tell you I was very excited when Otto announced the production of the MKIV Golf R32. I’m a huge Volkswagen fan, and for Volkswagen fans, specifically Golf enthusiasts this was the first true “super” Golf that was produced. Also the first super Golf that made its way to North America – unfortunately for Canadians it was only street legal in the US due to bumper law regulations (these regulations today are now aligned with the US). This Golf featured all-wheel drive, 3.2l VR6 motor (one of the best sounding motors in the business today), and a 6-speed manual. All this tucked into a small nimble hatchback; you could just imagine how fun it was to drive!

Well on to the model. Let me say it is one of the best to date; Otto captured the essence of the 1:1 to the letter. The paint is gorgeous; the exterior lines are done well. I was also surprised that captured some of the interior goodies, like the exclusive R32 foot pedals, and interior R32 badges. If you look closely you can see the partial pedal on the interior photo. I’m also happy to say there are no quality control issues on this one. Enjoy the pics!






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