REVIEW: Schuco Käfer 1600 Última Edición •

REVIEW: Schuco Käfer 1600 Última Edición

To be honest I was not going to review the 1:18 Schuco Käfer 1600 Última Edición at first.  Main reason, the model itself isn’t new; it has been released by Schuco previously in Light Blue and Light Beige (sorry, I don’t have the dates of release).  Based on a member’s feedback the Última Edición was made in Mexico, the Orange/Red colour presented here was in fact not produced.  It only came in Light Blue and Light Beige.

So then why the review?  Well with all negative feedback on the latest wave of resin and composite models sweeping the hobby I wanted to highlight a true diecast masterpiece.  A model that when I unpack the goods reinforced why I love this hobby so much.  Schuco isn’t a powerhouse manufacturer who pumps of hundreds of models each year.  They are quite the opposite, with roots in the hobby going on for generations.  Their brand is one I prize highly, and remains my favorite manufacturer to date, based on subject, execution and diecast composition.

vw1600ue (1)

As mentioned the Schuco Última Edición exterior is completed in an Orange/Red.  The paint is absolutely flawless from front to back. I will let the images speak for themselves.  Panel gaps and shutlines are some of the best I’ve seen on any diecast model to date.  What makes this model great is the extra attention to detail.  The pin striping and chrome work is excellent throughout.  Though the side gas flap doesn’t work, the team made the extra effort to provide depth, and it looks like it should open.  Believe me, I tried.  LOL.

vw1600ue (22)

The hinge work on the side doors is striking and works flawlessly too.

vw1600ue (8)

The front of the model is all quality.  The finish work on the bumper and headlight is lovely.  Access to the storage is flawless and features a removable spare tire to boot!  The rear is much like the front.  Cooling louvres/vents are executed with care.  The rear hatch opens without issue and reveals a nicely detailed motor that extends with depth to the undercarriage.  More on that later…

vw1600ue (3)

vw1600ue (4)

The wheels are aimed at the period and craftsmanship like the rest of the model is top notch.  Paint and chrome work is beautiful.  You need to flip the model over though to catch the braking system.  If I had one complaint about this model it would that the hefty weight places a lot of stress on the suspension and tires.  Long term this could prove harmful, I would elevate the tires off the ground where possible.

vw1600ue (24)

vw1600ue (25)

What makes a good model great is the attention to detail, Schuco did not disappoint on the underside of the Última Edición.  Full metal under body, detailed suspension front and back, and motor and exhaust both highly detailed.  Just wow!!! Nothing was left to chance.  They even added the horn.  Just underneath the front driver side fender.  Well done Schuco!

vw1600ue (13)

The interior follows the same theme as the exterior, absolutely excellent!  Door cards, dash, seating is crafted with care and attention.  The seats are fabricated in rubber/foam like material that feels authentic to the touch.  Entire interior is carpeted in white.  There is even a small fire extinguisher tucked by the passenger door.  Overall package is stunning!

vw1600ue (21)

As you might have guessed, based on my review, I’m in love with the Schuco Käfer 1600 Última Edición.  The model excels on every level and can be had for less than $150CND.  A bargain based on what’s available today.  There is so much win in this piece that’s it hard to put everything into words.  I thank Schuco for sticking with their guns and producing some of the best examples of DIECAST models on the planet today.  You have once again placed a smile of my face and reinforced why I love this hobby so much.  Folks, do it for yourself, add one to your collection, you will not be disappointed.  Enjoy the pics!

vw1600ue (2) vw1600ue (5) vw1600ue (6)

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  1. Lausambaychua says:

    Thank you so much for posting this review. I thought that no one will ever review this model, but finally there is one.
    You really pushed me forward with this model. I was saving up for it anyway, but now I need to save up faster!

  2. slartibartfast229 says:

    I use a piece of heavy duty black foam packing material cut to size to fit underneath those models I have, that tend to sag under their own weight. Get the cut right, and it;s not easy to spot the support, while the wheels are touching the ground in a natural fashion.

  3. EDIB says:

    looks awesome, thanks for the review!

    anyone know when the schuco porsches are to be released or pre ordered?

  4. JS Coleman says:

    A marvellous review on a marvellous model.

  5. LuLul3aby says:

    OMG, this is so beautiful, such a piece of art. Keep on posting, your capturing skills are good!

  6. DrDarby says:

    Thanks for the review although I am a bit late to see it. Just an FYI, VW did in fact build this car, just one during the run of Ultima Edicions in July 2003. It was to be presented as a gift to the Ferdinand Porsche’s grand daughter Louise. I have a picture of it somewhere taken at the VW factory in Mexico among a group of blue and beige Ultima Edicions.

  7. Abimael Caraballo says:

    Is Schuco making a Type 3 fastback?

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