REVIEW: TopSpeed Aston Martin DB11 •

REVIEW: TopSpeed Aston Martin DB11

No one does sport and style better than the Aston Martin marque.  The lines of the new DB11 are showcasing their talents in both performance and technology.  We got a hint of the DB11 in the DB10, the famed James Bond movie car.  Along with the new design, the DB11 also debuted a brand-new V-12 powerplant, which now makes use of turbochargers for enhanced output, improved fuel economy, and reduced emissions.

So this leads us to our next review, the TopSpeed 1:18 Aston Marin DB11 in Magnetic Sliver.  Our friends at Toronto Motorsports were gracious in saving us an example.  Retail for the DB11 is suggested at $135US.

As mentioned the exterior colour of our example is found in Magnetic Sliver.  Other options will be made available at a future date; they include Sunburst Yellow and Cinnabar Orange.  The paint application is superb.  No blemishes or defects are found front to rear.  Pictures don’t do the exterior justice. One cool element of the DB11 exterior are the upper sections of the door/rear, if you look closely they are painted in Chrome/Silver finish.

Bodylines mimic the original well.  Since we’re our example is made of resin with closed-body design shutlines and panel gaps are near perfect.  Definitely one of the perks of resin based models.  Though it seems TopSpeed has romanced the overall stance. It sits slightly lower than the original car.  In no shape or form does this detract from the model, quite the reverse we would say.

Moving to the front section of DB11 you’ll notice the large grille.  Execution here is very good; TopSpeed provides depth and realism with the 3-4mm thickness.  The lower opening just above the chin spoiler doesn’t fair as well.  It is completed with a solid plastic piece.  Remainder of the bumper is true to form the only lacking element is the navigation sensors than surround it.

It a shame this is sealed example.  The forward sweep on the DB11 hood would have been priceless to experience.  Let’s hope the team from AUTOart has this one in the plans for 2018.  Inlets are present of the hood, but the overall shape we think is slightly off.  Also no perforated pieces either.

The rear of the DB11 has unique styling feature, the designers integrated the spoiler into the headlights.  TopSpeed version is well represented.  They even went as far as adding the perforation to the lower bumper section.  Well done!  Only miss would have the exhaust tips completed in chrome to mirror the 1:1.  Also, again we find no rear bumper navigation sensors.  Overall fit and finish is very solid.

The wheels on our example are a work of art.  TopSpeed definitely captured the magic of the designer’s vision.  Black and chrome are beautifully executed in marriage.  The quality rotors and calipers are up to speed too.  Excellent! Just excellent!!

If you haven’t noticed our Aston Martin DB11 is right-hand drive, only fitting for a British Sports Coupe!  Interior is complete in tan with Silver and Black accent pieces.  We were very surprised at the overall detail of the dash, steering wheel and centre console.  Steering wheel is fully stocked with paddles and various stalks.  Well done.

On the flip side there were some obvious misses.  Seat-belts in Silver are not to be found front and.  Though the interior elements show transition via colour, the wood or wood-like  pattern is missing.  Also the door card speakers should be painted in Sliver not Black.  These are minor misses that the most discerning collector would appear to notice.  Lastly there is no interior flocking/carpeting.

The TopSpeed Aston Marin DB11 is one smoking hot car, no doubt about it.  The team excels at exterior paint, structure and design, and wheels.  Our images don’t lie.  However there is always room for improvement.  Some of which we mention above.  Yes, we understand there is a price point TopSpeed wants to play within.  As we suggested in past reviews, loose the shipping base, and put that money back into the small details.  If you do you will continue to steal market share.  And based on future releases of Sport and Supercars you’re hungry for more.  Enjoy the pics!

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9 Responses to "REVIEW: TopSpeed Aston Martin DB11"

  1. flathead says:

    That DB11 is a real beauty! The model also looks good. AA usually produces 1/18 replicas of AMs. If there’s anything to see in the engine bay, it might be worthwhile to wait for one of those. Otherwise (assuming that none of the trim is dull silver paint), this model may be the way to go.

  2. Miles1977 says:

    I’ve got this and it’s a real beauty, especially the paint! Great review

  3. Karsten says:

    I am considering the cinnabar orange one, but as we can be sure that there will be an AA DB11 sooner or later, I´d rather keep my fingers crossed and wait for a cinnabar orange AA. It´s the usual game: The resin manufacturer gets to go first and puts collectors into the usual dilemma: Wait and feel stupid not to have bought it if there´s no AA OR buy now and feel stupid when the AA comes out. Wel, well, well….

    • DS Team says:

      I would need to find a replacement. I accidentally broke the passenger side mirror off by dropping near. So another colour option might be in the works.

      If anyone is interested in a mint in box DB11 with broken mirror for $75. Email us through the website.

  4. spikyone says:

    A couple of the criticisms of the model are misdirected – the wood interior and speaker colours are both options, so it’s not actually incorrect as modelled (presumably the “wood” you mention is just a tan/brown part of the interior, but there are a lot of trim options). I can live without the parking sensors being modelled too, as they’re pretty subtle on the 1:1.
    It looks like a nice model for a reasonable price, but the DB11 is really sensitive to colour/trim/wheel combinations, and I don’t think any of the Top Speed versions are particularly flattering. Hopefully someone else will release it in other colours and trims.

    • DS Team says:

      Thanks for the insight. I would agree the level of trim could be optional. Only question, why are the back Silver and the front not? These are little little, within the larger picture, as stated the model is quite solid.

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