Spark New 1:18 Announcements •

Spark New 1:18 Announcements

Finally some large scale goodness from the Spark team.  The feature model is the 1:18
Mercedes AMG GT3 #2 – 6th Macau GT World Cup 2016, driver Renger Van der Zande (18SA009).  Please contact Spark or dealer for estimated time of arrival.  Other new releases include:

18MC16 – Audi R8 LMS n.8 Winner Macau GT World Cup 2016 Laurens Vanthoor
18SA007 – Porsche 911 GT3 R n.911 4th Macau GT World Cup 2016 Earl Bamber
18S222 – Benetton B188 n.20 3rd Canadian GP 1988 Thierry Boutsen
18S259 – Porsche 991 R 2016
18S224 – Brabham BT24 n.2 3rd Mexican GP 1967 World Champion 1967 Denis Hulme

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6 Responses to "Spark New 1:18 Announcements"

  1. MLB says:

    Still waiting for some of their models announced in 2015 and 2016 to be produced. But of course Spark, Minichamps, TSM, CMC, and others always do that. They announce models that seem to get “lost” or entirely forgotten about with NO explanation or information provided to collectors. It’s business as usual for all of them.

  2. Miles1977 says:

    The 911 R is ugly! Yellow and green? Really???

  3. fer312t says:

    Spark ruining all these low awaited F1 releases with their ridiculous looking driver figures….Very disheartening.

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