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Tecnomodel | Mythos New Lotus 40 1965

Tecnomodel under their Mythos series is bringing forward some classic Can-Am, their latest effort is the 1:18 Lotus 40 1965.  This was the last sports racing car to be built by Lotus, definitely an end to an era.  Four versions will be placed into production, three race and one street.

Product# TM18-125

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3 Responses to "Tecnomodel | Mythos New Lotus 40 1965"

  1. Bob Johnson says:

    One of the best looking Loti ever..but, not even the legendary A.J. Foyt coukd make one go fast!

  2. David Carter says:

    A ‘must have’ BUT this car ran on FIRESTONE tires not Goodyears!!!!

  3. Philip Kirkman-Page says:

    Not a street car at all, why do you say that?
    Hardly a “classic” Can-Am car either, but a very, very nice model, ordered the three Team cars. Let’s hope a 30 is next followed by 23, 47, 62….

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