TOP Marques 1:12 Porsche 911 (993) Turbo •

TOP Marques 1:12 Porsche 911 (993) Turbo

TOP Marques has unveiled a pained sample of their upcoming 1:12 Porsche 911 (993) Turbo.  Seems Silver with Red interior is the colour combo of choice, we do agree. The model doesn’t look too shabby, but we prefer a little more aggressive stance, especially in the rear.  No word on official release date, but we suspect late Q1 2019 release.

Product# TM12-13A

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3 Responses to "TOP Marques 1:12 Porsche 911 (993) Turbo"

  1. Martin says:

    Woowh, that looks bad compared to the GT-Spirit!
    Good colour combination though.

  2. SPhilli911 says:

    That can’t be the final product, can it? It looks broken in the rear!

  3. spikyone says:

    Agree, looks like it’s running too much rake. I’m finding Top Marques really frustrating; they have some great subject matter but seem to be incapable of getting their models the right shape, sometimes through complete laziness (using the same mould for the race version of the Elise GT1 as they used for the road car). Their XJ220 would’ve been a must-have but there were too many mistakes.

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