TrueScale 1:18 Alfa Romeo Brabham BT46B •

TrueScale 1:18 Alfa Romeo Brabham BT46B

TrueScale Miniatures is back with another classic race car, the 1:18 Alfa Romeo Brabham BT46B #1 – 1978 Swedish Grand Prix Winner that is.  Model is crafted in typical TrueScale Miniatures quantity and detail, resin based with closed-design.  Not word on release date at this time.

Product# TSM151803R

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3 Responses to "TrueScale 1:18 Alfa Romeo Brabham BT46B"

  1. Aaron says:

    I presume with the car being resin, the wheels don’t roll

  2. Vince says:

    Correct it is resin, wheels not rotating or steering is a problem for me.

    The original pic.I saw had a Niki Lauda figure in it.

    I will be getting this still.

    • Aaron says:

      All this resin BS going around is really scaring me off. Bad enough no opening parts with those kinds of models. But no steering wheels, let alone rolling wheels, is enough to say HOW DISAPPOINTING.

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