GT Spirit North American Exclusive Challenger SRT Super Stock •

GT Spirit North American Exclusive Challenger SRT Super Stock

The west side of the pond will see an exclusive colour for the GT Spirit 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT  Super Stock in Red. This limited edition of 750 pieces will be on sale in August 2021.  We like it!

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  1. Anthony White says:

    I thought they already had this color for sale

    • DS Team says:

      Silver, standard hobby version. And there was an Asian exclusive Plum Crazy?

      • Hemi Tim says:

        @ DS Team – they also made a red US Exclusive together with the silver version. Those were Hellcat Redeye Widebodys. And on top of that they did a red Demon (standard issue).

        Plum Crazy was a Demon from Guycast (US-seller) and a standard Scat Pack R/T WB.

        The following versions of Widebody Challengers from GT Spirit are known to me:

        – TorRed Demon (standard)
        – Pitch Black Demon (US-Exclusive)
        – Plum Crazy Demon (Guycast US-Exclusive)
        – Destroyer Grey Demon (US-Exclusive)

        – Triple Nickel Hellcat Redeye Widebody (standard)
        – TorRed Hellcat Redeye Widebody (US-Exclusive)

        – Plum Crazy Scat Pack R/T Widebody (standard)
        – Camouflage Scat Pack R/T Widebody (Asian Exclusive)

        – TorRed Super Stock (US-Exclusive)

        – Pitch Black Challenger tuned by LB Performance (standard)

  2. InTheFastLane says:

    I think I was on the Demon.

  3. Hemi Tim says:

    This is in fact the third Widebody Challenger in the exact same color (TorRed) that they make now… First the standard Demon, then the US Exclusive Hellcat Redeye WB and now this. It’s not a bad color by any means but how about colors that nobody ever offered alltogether like Hellraisin, Frostbite, IndiGo Blue?

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