REVIEW: AUTOart Alfa Romeo 4C •

REVIEW: AUTOart Alfa Romeo 4C

On tap, today for review is the AUTOart 1:18 Alfa Romeo 4C. This is the first model from AUTOart we place under the microscope from their new composite line of models. Retail on this piece is roughly $139 CND, considerably lower in price than the standard AUTOart offerings, especially those from their ‘Signature’ line. We start with the exterior packaging as it’s new too, and some of us still haven’t seen the new presentation either.


Off the bat, you’ll notice the packaging is similar in dimensions and style to the incumbent ‘Performance’ series, the striking difference is the eye-catching red exterior of the box. You also notice in the upper right-hand corner AUTOart clearly labels the model as ‘Composite Model Car’.


Removing the model is quite easy, four screws underneath and one tie-wire for the rear hatch, literally a five-minute process. Even though the model is smaller than the typical car, it does have some weight to it. Based on AUTOart’s patent-pending manufacturing process, the inner workings of their composite series are a diecast based framework of sorts with the composite body and related components creating the finished look. Read the article HERE we published back in January 2015.



The exterior of the model is captured well. We all know the styling cues from Alfa Romeo are quite dramatic, and replicating them can sometimes be somewhat challenging. AUTOart was up to the task, and they executed well. I apologize in advance for the lacklustre images. Capturing the Alfa Red is somewhat challenging with my limited photography skills. Having said that, the exterior paint is better than I expected. It had shades of the old Revell composite model, the Artega GT.  Well, I can say AUTOart exceeded my expectations. Note shutlines and panel gaps are absolutely terrific as well!



For an entry piece, you’ll also notice that AUTOart still came through with metal photo-etched pieces throughout the model; the front fascia, upper and lower cooling venting, plus the rear diffuser all feature the same. Well done!


The wheels are typical AUTOart, near perfect. The detail and execution are well above the average, the entire package works well as the photos will show.  As I always say, the wheels on a model make up 50% of it, if you can’t execute here, why build the model.



Underneath the Alfa 4C is clean and somewhat detailed. Note the photo-etched cooling and Patent Pending decal. Looks like we will see a lot more composites in the near future.


The rear storage and motor compartments are accessible. The hatch operates on two small metal hinges, operation is flawless. Attention to detail is present with a metal hood prop. Not sure if this is similar to the 1:1, maybe someone confirm?



The interior is quite sparse, but remember folks, what we have here is a true race car at heart. The door operation is flawless and I already mentioned the perfect shutlines. Dash and centre console along with the door cards are nicely detailed and finished. There is also the 4C logo on the driver’s side floor.


I have absolutely no issue recommending the new AUTOart Alfa Romeo 4C. Their new composite series is thoroughly thought-out and beautifully executed. The lower new lower price point will be a blessing for young, less established collectors too and maybe bring back some who left the hobby due to the ever-increasing price point. At $139CND, this model is dramatically priced, lower than any competitor offering of the Alfa 4C to date, plus you have opening bits not offered on sealed resin replicas. This is another feather in the hat for AUTOart.  Enjoy the pics!

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13 Responses to "REVIEW: AUTOart Alfa Romeo 4C"

  1. Perry says:

    Nice review! It mine preordered, can’t wait to receive it. Where did you get it for $139 CDN?

  2. Talha says:

    Fantastic review! I was initially suspecting that this model would suck- but after you review it exceeds all of my expectations! Everything looks wonderful. Yet another add to an evergrowing wishlist :P

  3. Udi says:

    So the real question is, in what color??

  4. Allan says:

    Received my model from biante (australia) this week. Auto art have done another great job. Good reveiw. Thanks

  5. huckebein says:

    This review is good but the real thing is ugly. The paint job is plastic…

  6. A well conceived and presented review ! Gave me a good basis on which I’m considering a purchase……Plus , these days I’m rooting for any well done model that has opening panels. an engine under the hood, and articulating steering. Thank you D.S. Team and Autoart ! Especially if there are more in the pipeline like these.

  7. Carl Iseli says:

    FYI . . .

    1) The metal rear hood/bonnet prop is an essentially replica of the one in the actual car. when I got the model, it attracted my eye because few non-4C owners would notice its absence. I think it is an exemplar of AutoArt’s extra detail that adds to the model’s verisimilitude.

    2) You didn’t mention the cloth front seatbelts. They are held together behind the seats, and I didn’t find them until a week or so after receiving the model, when I saw the edge of a belt sticking out.

    Good review, sir!


    • DS Team says:

      Thanks. One of AUTOart’s first composite pieces. Looking back it is definitely one of their better composite models. Now if they can only release the Alfa Romeo 8C!

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