REVIEW: AUTOart Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R •

REVIEW: AUTOart Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R

The latest review comes from AUTOart, we have the 1:18 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R in exterior colour Lighting Blue with Black Stripes/Red pin stripping.  If you aren’t in the know this is the race variant of the popular new generation Ford Mustang GT.  This car is race ready and extremely capable on street or track.  The GT350R features specific body kit – carbon fibre rear wing and front chin spoiler.  Active suspension and carbon wheels round out the major difference from the sister car GT350. The high revving, naturally aspirated V8 pumps out over 525 horsepower; if you haven’t listened to this car at wide open throttle do yourself a favour and Google a video or two…  Don’t forget to turn up the volume!!!

Out of the box, the Lighting Blue paint is a little darker than we first imagined.  Not that it the paint is wrong; based on images we reviewed it is quite accurate, but if we’re honest we prefer the lighter shade of Liquid Blue which was the feature colour on GT Spirit version of the same model (we still consider GT Spirit’s version one of the best scale models within their entire portfolio).

Bodylines lines of the GT350R is well executed from all angles.  Props to AUTOart for replicating the overall design and smallest of styling cues from the side, hood and roof line.  As for panel gaps and shutlines, they are exceptional.  So good in fact there are better than the real thing.  I would know, I’ve seen this car in the flesh many times a close friend owns one.  However, it is comical how an $80,000+ vehicle leaves the factory with less than desirable panel gaps.  I guess exceptions are made for “Made in America”, and surely the V8 makes up for some of the shorting comings.

The front is very aggressive, to say the least.  Red Cobra badge is present as it should be for “R” version car.  All openings are nicely formed and completed with perforated metal grilles.  Even in behind you’ll notice some of the hidden details.  Well done AUTOart.  If there was one minor issue, we don’t see any amber colour in the lower turn indicators.

Access to the monster under the hood is permitted here.  Having 360 access versus a static representation was the major reason for the sale of the GT Spirit example.  Hood operation is flawless and true to form with two hinges doing the leg work.  Yes, this $80,000 car doesn’t ship with strut supports LOL.  AUTOart does provide a hood prop for added realism, and it works too!  Note the cooling inlet/opening on the top section of the hood, it is executed with perforated metal (see photos below).

As for the motor, above average at best.  AUTOart can definitely do better, we’ve seen it in past releases.  Most of the elements are defined but the look is slightly plastic-like in appearance.   It seems AUTOart has placed less weight on overall motor execution as of late.  We’ll let you judge the motor based on the photos provided.  More below!

I can hear the roaring V8 rubble through the quad tips in the rear.  AUTOart does a great job executing the exhaust system.  Take note, the undercarriage here represents a true V8 GT350/R while GT Spirit does not.  The rest of the rear is given high marks.  Nice work perforated metal grilles in the lower bumper section.

Same as the front the rear storage is accessible.  Operation is flawless, and the interior lining is fully carpeted which amps the realism factor.

Wheels on the GT350R are quality pieces.  The tires also provide Michelin scripting. The brake discs, especially the centre element of the rotors are loaded with detail.  The Red massive Brembo rotors complete the package front and rear.  We need to note the wheels are painted in a Gloss Black finish, factor option we assume which negatives the carbon fibre weave.

As for the interior, the GT350R is equipped with manual shifter and Recaro seats.  As for the shifter, the top is painted entirely red, this is not truly accurate.  As for the seats, AUTOart does try to mimic the texture of the original but it falls short.  Also, the dash gauges for oil temp and pressure are there, but no internal detailing is shown to recreate the dials.

It isn’t all bad!  Overall AUTOart does a decent job with the complete interior on a whole.  Door cards, dash, centre console and more are for the most part complete.  It just falls somewhat short based on their earlier examples.  Full carpeted is found throughout.  The rear finds the same minus the rear seating.

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R by AUTOart will appeal to many inside and outside this great hobby.  That is a good thing,  What isn’t so great is getting one in your favourite colour; most likely the causal collectors biggest challenge.  As for overall execution, we give this replica a strong B+.  The model executes the exterior savoy quite well.  Quality paint, perforated grilles throughout and last but not least full access to various internal bits.  Some of the shortcomings are minor, a few more dollars within the engine compartment and interior could have yielded a higher rating, possibly a solid A+.  We still think this one is a winner, and clear winner over its static reveal.  Enjoy the pics!

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37 Responses to "REVIEW: AUTOart Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R"

  1. Karsten says:

    Thanks a lot for the review, much appreciated from someone with the authority of having access to the real thing for comparison. (Would’nt a side by side photoshoot be an idea?).
    I’ve got the yellow and I must say, it suits the agressive “I mean business” character of the car really well. AA already do offer a rather wide colour range IMO, so I would forgive them for not offering every last shade.
    Rear compartment does not open flawlessly on mine, in fact I cannot open it at all. I don’t want to pry the delicate composite thing open. In fact my first delivery came with the rear wing neatly ripped off and I suspect, someone tried to open the trunk by pulling it open by the wing. Hence no open trunk pics on my website. Is there a trick?

    • DS Team says:

      Thank you.

      If they were smart they would do every colour underneath the rainbow! Sorry to hear about the rear on your example. Send her back!

      • Robert says:

        Well AA almost made every possible color on the various Aventador models… So why not do the same with this American icon of a car?

  2. Karsten says:

    Done, I did not break it. But the new one now does not open. That’s how I guess, that this was due to someone trying to force it open.

  3. josh says:

    Nice review, but perhaps you are being a bit too generous. The engine and interior are appalling on this model for the money. For the same price this retails at, AA made models a few years ago with much better texture and engine realism. This engine appears to be a plastic insert with painted details. Not very good Autoart. This model should cost $125 tops. It is after all, plastic. Does the rear spoiler look like CF at all? I love this car in reality and I too have a buddy with a real one. And when I want to enjoy the design of this great car, I will just go look at his and save my $180 for another more exciting model with more WOW factor.

    • DS Team says:

      No, I think we were quite honest. We agree as well, AUTOart has taken a step or two backwards in the refinement department. Is this due to production costs or margin elasticity? We think both. We also need to factor that what we paid in the past is not what we will pay today. Based on the alternative, sealed resin ($180CDN) we think AUTOart overall excels on many level and for a few dollars more.

  4. Josh says:

    Who is this “we” you speak of. Pretty sure only one person reviewed this model right? If you think this model is worth $180 or even $150 then you are officially AA fanboy. C’mon man grow a pair and call a company out for making overpriced models. Why should we be paying more for less? AA is not hurting, using plastic reduces their costs and waste, plus QC is lower and now they do not include COA, booklets, cleaning cloths, mag glasses or opening tools anymore. Gaps on some models are pretty big and prices again went up! The Jag XKR S came out three years ago was a better model done in diecast and yet it cost $135 at release. That model is comparable to this model (actually better) but I rest. I may not change your mind but your review made my mind up for me. NO WAY. Keep up the reviews that help me save money.

    • Atalante. says:

      Josh, regarding ‘’overpriced models’’ you have to understand that what you paid in the past for an equivalent or better models is not what you will pay today. Plastic or metal is not the main point but wages, labor cost and economy in China is not the same in 2019 than 2005. If this model was Made in the USA it would probably cost around $450, would you buy it? I would not. Would you buy at $110 made in a sweatshop in Bangladesh assembled by kids in terrible conditions? I hope not. Accept the world has changed and prices also. If you don’t as always vote with your wallet, you know that’s how it works.

  5. DS Team says:

    “We” are the peoples involved in formatting opinions, fact, and guidelines to translate what a manufacturer provides in scale to words. And yes, one individual will massage all the information into words.

    Lol, fanboy. If there is one publication, be it online or print, DIECASTSOCIETY.COM has been most critical of the brand. The words are here, hundreds of reviews positive or negative, we speak from the heart.

    What we have learned over the years is that not everyone will agree. That is fine. WE suggest you stop hiding behind your keyboard and write your review or opinions. Hell we’ll publish them too. As always, if an individual is not happy with a particular model or brand VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET. But, we or I will stand by our review based on the tangible evidence at hand.

    • Karsten says:

      I am sorry to see that you are haunted by the same unbalanced, acid criticism that on one or two occasions hit me hard when I contributed my views here … and your words show that you do take it to heart as much as I do when it happens. Hence let me offer my full support with all my heart: It hurts when you buy a model and decide to share your view with users here who then accuse you of being biased, ignoring the facts that you have mentioned. Do not let this discourage you from keeping up the good work!
      To “Josh” I say this: We (DS, you and I) agree about AUTOart´s shortcomings … and they are neatly spelled out in this review and usually Almost Real gets all the praise for doing right what is wrong with AA, BUT name me one better 360-degree-access model of this generation Mustang, any. None? So this IS the best available model of the Mustang. Noone ever said that it´s worth it´s sticker price in the review. If the sore points that DS put their/his finger on quite clearly help to make your buying decision, fine, excellent, that´s what these efforts are meant to do …and you needn´t even agree with the final verdict. BUT: Do have some respect, voice your disagreement POLITELY. This is NOT a promotion website, WE (reviewers here) are not corrupt influencers who are given free models or get to travel around the world at the manufacturers´ cost to cast a favourable light on their products. WE have proven that repeatedly. That´s what has made this website my favourite source of information.
      And finally, if you want to earn some credit, accept DS´s invitation, offer a review yourself about a model that you have spend your hard-earned money on. Show us your collection and what you find worth buying. And hope that your efforts will be appreciated.

  6. Amlv20 says:

    i got mine over the week end! white with blue stripes, its flawless and perfect.i chose the white because im a ford senior master technician.and while ive seen many of these in all the colors.i had an experience with a white and blue gt350r that a customer brought in for “cutting out” under wide open throttle.i got written permission to drive the car wide open.let me tell you that 8200rpm redline is no joke,these things roar so hard you can feel it in your heart! it was a spiritual experience. after going back and forth with ford engineering,turns out theres a rev limiter at 8000rpm lol.

    as for the model i think its great, i love it.the detail is perfect and the engine bay is dead on.those that say theres no detail get your magnifying glass and look at the engine tag and read the names of the men and women who hand built the engine etched on it just like the real thing! id rather pay for this than the cost of a static gt spirit,which theres somthing about GT spirt gt350r that seems out of proportion in the rear end.either way this AA gt350r is the way to go!

    also fyi the carbon fiber rear wing and wheels are painted gloss black on the production mustangs, no carbon fiber weave can be seen on the real things.also the color and stripes on the GT spirit version are of the reveal/concept car the blue/black stripes with silver pinstripe never made it to production.

  7. Stephane Demers says:

    Well i have two examples of this car on hand and one had glue residue on the engine, which I removed and the other had a loose plastic piece between the radiator and mesh grill… Also I had a problem with the closing of a door, which is difficult to shut closed and when you force it it goes where it’s supposed BUT the bottom end of the door pops out about a mm or so. :/ Overall the rest is top notch :)

  8. josh says:

    I may not have been “polite” to your liking but then I thought this was a website about toy car models, not politics or religion, my bad. I will try to keep this PG. Here is a free bit of advice from someone who is probably twice your age. If you review or critique something in this world, especially on the internet, be prepared for someone to actually disagree with it. Nice little community you guys have here all cooperating and agreeing with each other, all six of you. I have no idea what publications you are talking about Diecast Magazine is a joke that comes and goes. Nobody at Scale18 even posts anymore, certainly not discussing AA supercars. And I can assure you that there are people discussing how much AA sucks at this very moment at DX, just look up the Huracan Superleggera thread. When I look up the reviews thread here, there are more AA reviews than all other model brands combined. Have you guys ever heard of Autoworld or Solido? They are making diecast opening models just like you prefer, for 40 to 60 bucks! And they are good! In fact Autoworld’s mustang is much cheaper and better than the AA, and it is not plastic! Of course they are not pumping out Lambos, Porshes and Mclarens. How about Norev? They make diecast opening models, much better and cheaper than AA and I have NEVER had a QC problem with a Norev. I am not hiding behind my keyboard, (whatever that means) I am here discussing frankly and honestly how much AA sucks and overcharges for their models. You say vote with your wallet and from what I see here there is a lot of AA voting going on. I should not have to review a model to prove anything to you guys, but maybe I will. For your information, since I apparently have to validate myself as a collector here, I have been in this hobby since 1988 and currently have over 400 models displayed, and yes at least 50 are AA, even some plastic ones. I even collect resin, albeit only a half dozen or so. Also I have some experience on the dealer side of this hobby from several years ago, but still, I can assure you AA is not worth the trouble, minor profit margins and lousy customer service. Frankly they were so bad that they became the first company I dropped. If you are wondering what the markup is on AA it is 10% thats it! On a $100 model I made a lousy $10

    • Karsten says:

      As you rightly said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, hence to disagree, on and off the internet, irrespective of age, size of collection, etc.. And disagree with you I profoundly do on a number of things.
      #1 I agree that the Autoworld Mustang is much better than the Maisto and was better value for money than the AA, and I pride myself having the green Autoworld, actually displayed right next to the AA in the cabinet. But it is in no way “better than the AA”: The Autoworld’s passenger door and hood do not close properly, the front grille is a solid plate, no see-thru mesh, indicator and foglight lenses are merely painted on, headlight clear lenses have a very visible mounting clip over the daytimerunninglights, GT badges are rather thick chromed plastic, not thin photoetched parts, etc. Everyone may see this for themselves on my website.
      #2 There are more AA reviews out there, because AA pump out more models than every other brand. And hypercars and Porsches and the 100th’s rendition of a Lamborghini finds more attention than, let’s say, the Jaguar XJs that I reviewed … hardly any response at all. I will have to live with it that readers here weren’t that interested.
      #3 You “NEVER had a QC issue with a Norev”. True, neither did I, there is simply less to go wrong. I reviewed the AMG GTR here last year, but now it’s for sale, because the AA is better and has replaced it. Again, photos on my website to tell the tale and bear witness.
      #4 AA is definitely overprized, but Almost Real is learning quickly. Their AMG GTR is more expensive and seems to be slightly worse than the AA, as far as I can say from pictures. As AR are late in getting anything to market, I have cancelled my preorder. And Almost Real gets drunk from their success. After they (not AA!) have been awarded DS’s Model of the Year price for the Camel Trophy 110 Defender, the price for the upcoming dirty version has gone from 239 to a whopping 379 Euros !!! That’s what I call greedy! Same model, only dirt painted on! Because demand let prices for the other one have exploded on ebay. Their success has spoiled them much more quickly.
      #4 We stick together as a community, yes, not in conforming to the same opinion, but in keeping disagreement friendly in tone. I was the first to comment and to criticise thedemand for more colour options. But calling the reviewer an “AA fanboy” was was over the top, as any regular reader here will know. No other manufacturer has been chastised as much.
      #5 Not enough Solido reviews? Well, write one, submit it! You have been invited to do it.
      #6 Apply for DCOTM, we’d love to see your collection.

    • DS Team says:

      Sorry, for the delay… The team was on a well-deserved vacation…

      Once again, commenting without the facts. This site is enjoyed by thousands each month, north of 60,000 unique visitors each month in fact. Just because people don’t take the time to post on each and every article doesn’t mean there aren’t active users supporting us. We’ve taken years to build our brand and don’t take these unfounded comments lightly. Thank you.

      As others have mentioned AUTOart enjoys the win fall of reviews for various reasons, the biggest is they supply a great selection of popular makes and models all this with speed to market. Unformnatnally core members of our DS team don’t often collect models that AutoWorld provides (and classic and modern muscle) and we’ve reached out to them as well as ACME for samples. All we get is zero responses or excuses. There isn’t much more we can do. We also know Solido well, great budget brand. We have reviewed many and have more examples currently in the works too. We implore the collector community to forward reviews. We encourage diversity and perspective. Again, we extend the invitation to you if you choose!

      • Karsten says:

        I can offer a review on Solido’s Meyers Manx if anyone would care to read such a piece. However, I’ve never seen a real Manx, so perhaps a real beachboy wants the job to bring back dear memories of their surfing days when they were at Highschool?😉

  9. Josh says:

    So you are telling me a model with painted indicators that costs $50 is not better than a $180 plastic one with lousy QC as well? OK I tried to work with you guys but I think we are at too wide of margins in our collecting tastes. You have no problem with spending $200 on a model that is a solid 5 on a scale of 1 to 10, all the while telling yourself it is a 10. I do not. Probably best for me to move on form here. I will just maintain a silent status from here on. I have no idea what DCOTM is but I am curious to share my collection however I am sure autoworld and H61 musclecars will be about as well received as your Jag XJ was. Enjoy your holiday tommorow that is, if you are an USA chap.

    • Karsten says:

      Look, Josh, I can see that you are not making the effort of following the link to my website, otherwise you’d know that I’m German, hence no 4th July holiday. Nor have you looked around this website enough to know what DCOTM is, but do know for sure that we don’t know nothing about models. Probably, I waste my breath on a 92-year-old (which would be the “twice you age” that you claimed authority with). So it’s really best to let the matter rest with a bitter old man.

    • amlv20 says:

      FYI- the real GT350R and regular GT350 DO NOT have orange indicators. they clear clear with a tiny 194 bulb in it,the most recent models ’18-’19 have switched to clear indicators with a tiny LED. so you cant stand on that fact calling the autoworld a superior model just because of your research before you step all over a model, i see the real thing every day so i know the AA is dead on. if a tiny spec of orange(and i mean literally it would be a spec in scale) turns you off a model,then i feel sorry for you.

  10. Josh says:

    actuay I am 39 I just thought you guys were all millennials. Thanks For guessing 92 though and calling me an old man. Lol. Now that you have reverted to not being polite either I guess I made my point. You guys can have your little club of three members and enjoy circle jerking each other about how autoart is still as good as it once was and still worth your hard earned cash. I am not wasting my time with your website or a review that would be seen by five people and ps your forums do not work so pay your bills I guess

    • amlv20 says:

      WOW….most millennial’s are to obsessed with their $1000 phones.doubt anyone of them would be interested in a model that just sits there. you accuse us hobbyists of being millennial’s then you go act like one by throwing around immature insults. stay classy…..

    • DS Team says:

      Again rage without merit. We pay our bills on time thank you. We detailed the forum downtime within a post on June 7th. You can read below.

      Josh, we suggest you take your rage or passion for AUTOart and please direct it to them. DS is providing a good service to collectors. We know we don’t get it right all the time but we do try our best. The site is here to share our experiences with others. Each individual can take from it what they choose and make a buying decision. That is all.

  11. Karsten says:

    You asked for it by blind-guessing impolitely that we were all teenagers half your age knowing nothing, without looking any further. And now you are completely losing it, insulting everyone here in the lowest manner, rejecting any invitations, although we kept reaching out to you all the time. We don’t mind different well-founded opinions and a friendly-minded, sober argument. You decided, not to join this level of conversation. So it’s time now to ask you very politely to keep your promise and GO AWAY, PLEASE (not f… o…, that’s not my level)!

    • Karsten says:

      By the way, I´m 46, and with you saying you were “probably twice [my] age” that made you 92 which is by any definition “old”. That´s all!

  12. Josh says:

    I am writing you guys to apologize for my immature words and attitude. Sorry for making accusations, specifically to Karsten, and the OP,(sorry I do not know your name). I am embarrassed by my behavior here and so I feel it best to just exit stage left. I am better off avoiding social media, especially ones devoted to this hobby which I get to fired up about sometimes. It it better to just admit defeat and move on. You guys have a nice community and website here, I will still use it for a resource of news and some reviews.

    • Karsten says:

      Thank you very much, Josh, as for myself, I accept your sincere apologies. You may have portrayed yourself unfavourably before, but you have rectified you image a lot by doing the decent thing.
      In contrast to other social media, which I avoid like the proverbial plague, it’s not about victory or defeat on DS, though, but about this great hobby of ours that unites us all around the globe, making us an international community across borders beyond nationalism or racism. I actually love this about this website. People sharing the same passion … getting a little to passionate over the hobby at times. At the end of the day, all each of us want is share the joy about modelling perfection, the anger about imperfections and bad QC, the frustration about manufacturers disappointing us when they clearly know better. Reviewers (like myself) may overlook things despite their efforts, seem to be carried away by their enthusiasm or frustration occasionally, but will accept, even be thankful for well-founded hints in the comments.
      So, Josh, actually I do not insist on you going away if you’d like to stay and contribute actively in this spirit. No need to go and hide your head in shame, either, after your apology. Honestly, do try and write the reviews that you think are missing on DS, even though few people seem interested. Many more people might read and appreciate them than you and I know because they’re not making the effort to comment to simply thank the reviewer for his efforts. I have written many reviews about models that clearly aren’t mainstream. Sometimes the few reactions there breath all the more warmth. And … I am still curious about your collection, so please do submit an application for Diecast Collector Of The Month (DCOTM). I guess, DS editors’ invitation is still standing, right Davide?

  13. Vitaliy D says:

    Being a composite hater, I anyway ordered this Shelby Mustang 350R by AutoArt.
    I had several reasons for that:
    – it is the sexiest Mustang I’ve ever seen;
    – this scale model by AutoArt looks really stunning, and the model’s engine and bottom details are not bad;
    – I actually liked AutoArt’s Aston Martin Vanquish S 2017 very much, but for me it should have either provided better engine details or have been pure diecast; whereas the Mustang is also very sexy and demonstrates more interesting engine – so it simply appeared at the correct time.
    So, I decided to buy this one, even though I was very critical about AutoArt’s composite Koenigsegg One:1 – and I still do believe that every word I wrote about it was quite accurate and true.

    Well, as Ford said, a car can have any color as long as it is black, so my choice was the black one.
    The Mustang’s painting is perfect, its glossy black really shines, until your fingerprints are left on it – which is also a well-known problem of black models from CMC.
    The Mustang’s metal grilles are perfect, both at the front and at the back.
    The panel gaps and shutlines are very good – actually, they are exactly as accurate as on AlmostReal’s Bentley Continental GT3-R. But hey, the AlmosReal’s model is pure diecast! Whereas the composite series promised us more accurate gaps and shutlines, didn’t they? Anyway, they are much better than on already mentioned AutoArt’s Koenigsegg One: 1.

    The wheels, tires, supports, callipers are very good in this model.

    Underneath, there are from average to a little above average details of the exhaust system and the suspension. Overall, it’s quite close to the quality of AlmostReal’s Bentley Continental GT3-R or AutoArt’s Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera (times, when AutoArt’s models were diecast rather than composite).
    An interesting detail: the front and the side spoilers are not separate details – they are parts of the whole bottom of the model. Probably it increases the solidity as well as reduces the cost of the production.

    The doors, hood and boot operate perfectly on my example.
    The interior is well-detailed, I’d like to mark the driver’s and passenger’s rugs (small carpets) and the detailed steering wheel – much better than in Koenigsegg One:1. Also I like the seets with kind of rugged (not smooth) surface – it adds realism.
    Well, I like the interior overall, especially taking into account the plastic parts of the real vehicle’s interior. It reminds me AutoArt’s Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, but the Mustang’s one is slightly better. I think it is comparible to AlmostReal’s Bentley Continental GT3-R interior as well, though some things are better in one model and some are better in the other one.

    The real engine of the Mustang 350 reminds us the old years of well-detailed engines with a lot of small details and a lot of wires everywhere. Such engines of classic muscle Fords of late 196x – early 197x were amazingly represented in 1:24 scale models produced about 15 years ago by Danbury Mint and GMP.
    Now, 15 years later, and in bigger 1:18 scale, we can expect for even more details, right?
    The engine shown by AutoArt is not bad, it is recognizable and features 3D detailing. But it lacks a lot (most of wires and small details), especially comparing to the already mentioned 15-years-old models in 1:24. So it is not better than average in terms of detailing.
    Look, where did I see similar engine details? In AutoArt’s Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, I think! Though, it is much better than the flat engine of AlmostReal’s Bentley Continental GT3-R. But don’t forget I had compared the quality of that GT3-R’s engine to 1:43 scale, so basically any other engine in 1:18 is most likely better than the AlmostReal GT3-R’s one.

    Inspecting the technical execution of the model, I’d like to say the overall quality is good. The parts are accurately connected to each other, sometimes screwed, sometimes glued, and creating an impression of strong connection.
    I noticed that the door hinges seem to be connected to plastic parts of the body rather than to the metal ones. “It is unsafe, – I thought, – could AutoArt really do that this way?” – And the answer came immediately: “Dude, it is AutoArt. Surely, _they_ can do it!”.

    To sum up, it is the second fragile composite model in my collection (the first is One:1) and, most likely, the last one.
    Being built from composite, with details level close to AutoArt’s Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, this model would cost around 100$ if it was built about 8 years ago. Today it is 200$ and it is more fragile because it is not diecast.
    Do I want more of these in my collection? Do they really add some value rather than just quantity? I don’t think so.

    • Karsten says:

      Buyer`s remorse???? Will you sell it?

      • Vitaliy D says:

        So far it’s the best 1:18 Shelby Mustang GT 350R on the market, and I enjoy the look of this model. I have to be very careful with it and try to not be obsessed with the engine details :)
        Well, actually this model meets my expectations with regards to what AutoArt produces today. Another question is that I definitely prefer true diecast with opening parts and high detailing level, so today’s CMC and (I hope) most of Almost Real models are my first choice. And today’s AutoArt is

        • Vitaliy D says:

          And today’s AutoArt is the last choice I would made, even though they produce really a lot of interesting models. But the composite nature of these models together with their details level make me simply ignore them. Until a model looks exceptional to me – and, unfortunately, “exceptional” in terms of AutoArt’s Koenigsegg One:1 and Shelby Mustang GT 350R means that rather the original car looks exceptional to me than the AutoArt’s model of this car; the model itself is at the level between “somewhat higher than just acceptable” and “good”.

          • Vitaliy D says:

            It may look like I criticize AutoArt too much, but you don’t know yet what I think about today’s sealed 1:18 by Kyosho and Minichamps :) As for those models, personally I do no even consider a thought of buying something like that! Really, I have 1:43 models as well, and an idea of producing and buying 1:18 sealed models with less details than e.g. 1:43 LookSmart looks strange and useless to me.

  14. Demetri Bardis says:

    I had been waiting for this mustang to be released by Autoart and I purchased it in the same exact color. Although the GT Spirit blue is more appealing to the eye, I still love this version even if it’s a darker blue. And quite honestly, after collecting 1:18, and 1:43 cars for the last 10 years (from exotics, to american muscle, F1, transporters, and vintage) I must say Autoart is the best company for the value. They are always consistent and on point with quality, paint work, body gaps, detailing, interiors, and openings. You pay $150 for a GT Spirit (and don’t get me wrong I love GT Spirit) but they are overpriced for being sealed models. For another $30, you get a top notch quality car by Autoart that has all kinds of openings, and everything is carpeted from the interior to the trunk, which in my opinion makes the car that much richer in quality. Imagine if the Maistos and Burragos had carpeting how much more appealing they would be rather than that cheap plastic interiors. Let’s not even go to the BBR’s that are way way overpriced for what they are, and I have two of them. The only other company that I would say is better than Autoart, is CMC. They are very nicely detailed and finished, from the interior, to the wheels, engines, suspension, and undercarriage (which is the one thing that Autoart does not do, but CMC focuses mainly on antiques. Some of the Hot Wheel Elite are also pretty descent in quality with opening parts, and priced well, but I don’t think they make them anymore. Kyosho is pretty descent as well in certain models. And then you have Acme and GMP for American muscle, but they are not executed perfectly like Autoart. With every model you will find an imperfection. From a loose wheel, to uneven body gaps, plastic pieces not glued well, doors not closing evenly, plastic chrome is usually scratched, and paint job is not a perfection.
    My very, very first car 10 years ago was the Pagani Zonda by Autoart, and it was the detail in the engine that made me love the car and become a model car fanatic. Now I have about 100 1:18 models and about another 100 1:43’s. Now every time I order a new car, I have to hear my wife’s mouth and BS. Pretty annoying but I ignore her and tell her it’s the last one I’m ever buying…. till two weeks later lol.

    Also props to minichamps, spark, schucco, tsm, premium clasixxx, and premium x.

    • Demetri Bardis says:

      Almost real is probably the only company that I don’t have a car from. I keep on seeing them on the internet but I don’t really know anything about their quality and value. I think I may need to order one and find out.

  15. NAGESH SARWA says:

    I owned the car

  16. JPMotorSport says:

    Base 350 has the same active magnetic suspension as the R; just with a different less aggressive tuning.

  17. Anthony Wayne White says:

    The only thing I see they missed is details on the seats

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