REVIEW: AUTOart Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50° Anniversario •

REVIEW: AUTOart Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50° Anniversario

Back in 2013, at the Shanghai Auto Show, the Lamborghini brand unveiled the Aventador LP720-4 50° Anniversario. The model celebrates Lamborghini’s 50th year. The colour Giallo Maggio, or May Yellow, was chosen by Lamborghini as it is the most preferred colour choice of Lamborghini customers since May 1963. The 50th Avendator also features new front and rear bumpers, updated aerodynamics, 20 more horsepower, and special exterior badging. AUTOart recently released their 1:18 scale replica, so how did they do?


The model is striking sitting inside the protective styrofoam shell. Also included with the purchase of the model is a limited edition themed key-chain. Cool, shades of AUTOart of old.


My chosen colour had to be the Giallo Maggio. Other options are available such as Blue Cepheus, Bianco Canopus, and Nero Nemesis. The yellow and black work perfectly in harmony, and I’m sure many collectors will agree, though upon closer inspection, the paint does show some minor flaws. Firstly, the edge of the front hatch does have some chipping, as the photo shows. It looks worse in the image than it does in person; I used a little touch-up paint to save myself from returning the model for a replacement. I’m not sure if this is a shipping issue, but I have heard new shipments of the 50° Anniversario are shipping with protection paper intact. Other areas, such as the rear upper cooling ducts, the paint seems a little thin and inconsistent.



AUTOart is the master of the Lamborghini marque; they basically have the modern Lambos down to a fine art, and the LP720-4 50th Anniversary is no exception. Body lines, shutlines are typical excellent AUTOart quality. Functioning front and rear hatch, doors and rear spoiler work flawlessly. If you’re still buying sealed resin pieces, you honestly have issues. Exception for a resin piece could be a rare colour theme, but hey, you can buy the AUTOart for less and change the colour to whatever you can dream up.


The finer detail is here too. I love the fact that AUTOart captured the small 50th badging on the front and rear bumpers, and also just inside the triangular window.  So impressed that I used it as the staple photo for the review. The wheels are another strong element of the replica, and again kudos to AUTOart for hitting another home-run on the entire wheel and brake package.



The uprated V12 monster in the rear looks ace. Definition is extremely high and layered. Suspension components, motor bits, and photo-etched elements are a marvel to view. Front storage is typical AUTOart Lamborghini, beautifully engineered hinges and a carpeted storage compartment. Well done, folks!



The interior is more joy! The yellow exterior is carried inside; seats, door cards, and centre console are colour matched. Yellow stitching is also found on the dash, as well as carbon-fiber, around the driver’s immediate dash surround. Again, door operation is flawless, both to open and close. The entire package works, solid execution is a definite priority here.


There have been many Lamborghini models released by AUTOart over the last several years, and is the Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50° Anniversario edition worth it? It sure is, and the Lamborghini milestone should be motivation enough. It’s not very often that companies celebrate 50 years in the business. The collectability factor is definitely here folks, my recommendation is to get one while you can, I’m sure Giallo Maggio will lead the pack. Enjoy the pics!

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lamborghini_50thavendaor6 lamborghini_50thavendaor9 lamborghini_50thavendaor10

lamborghini_50thavendaor12 lamborghini_50thavendaor14 lamborghini_50thavendaor15

lamborghini_50thavendaor16 lamborghini_50thavendaor17 lamborghini_50thavendaor19

lamborghini_50thavendaor20 lamborghini_50thavendaor22 lamborghini_50thavendaor23

lamborghini_50thavendaor25 lamborghini_50thavendaor26 lamborghini_50thavendaor27

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  1. Marcus says:

    Great review as usual, I will definitely purchase one for my collection in yellow. I know I’m going to have to add the roadster and the Vaneno as well!!

  2. Puma Cat says:

    NIce! I will have to pick that up. I agree AA has Lambos down cold; my Aventador J is one of the finest models I own. Very tight tolerances and high degree of fit ‘n finish.

  3. Migo says:

    Very nice photo shots ! Share my review of Aventador LP-720-4 as following :

  4. Ted says:

    Another excellent review. I just acquired one of the Anniversario’s in Giallo Maggio. Your review is spot on.

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