REVIEW: AUTOart McLaren 570S •

REVIEW: AUTOart McLaren 570S

The marque requires little introduction.  The name is McLaren, the car, the McLaren 570S.  This new model was introduced at 2015 New York International Auto Show back in 2015.  A new specimen has a price tag of $180,000 US.  The 570S is powered by a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, which is already seeing duty in the McLaren 650S and P1.  It delivers 562 hp and 443 lb⋅ft of torque through a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

The model here in scale is from AUTOart.  It comes from their Composite/Diecast series.  Retail is suggested $229CND.  The exterior colour is found in Blade Silver with Silver wheels.  So how did AUTOart do?  Read on.

The exterior paint as mentioned is called Blade Silver.  It is nice to see the team developing more colours outside the standard few we’ve seen from their resin series in the past.  For the most part, the paint on our sample is very clean and consistent throughout.  There is one issue on the passenger front fender.  It looks a patchy on certain lighting conditions.  Nothing too serious overall.  Overall lines of the model capture the true essence of the original car well.  You won’t be disappointed here.

The Black elements on the exterior are defined well.  There is not traditional carbon fibre, so we assume the material is carbon fibre blend.  Shut-lines and panels gaps are very good for the most part, though a little more work on where the door meets the lower trim to ensure a closer fit would have been more appealing.  We also like the direction AUTOart incorporated to sculpt the two side mirrors.

Looking at the 570S from the front the lines are captured well from all angles.  Lower intakes are all open but lead to solid plastic bits.  Headlight detail is very good.  The 570S allows access to the front storage compartment.  Metal engineered hinges are used to complete the open and close operation.  Fit and finish here is excellent.  The storage compartment is fully flocked too.  What are missing are strut supports on either side.

Moving to the rear of the 570S the theme dominated by the Black plastic blend.  The lower section of the diffuser does have the carbon fibre look, but the over execution is providing the realism one requires.  Taillight execution is very good.  AUTOart does a great job in incorporating the curved brake lights and perforated metal on the taillights.

We like the fact that you can see the internal bits of the motor through the opening just above the diffuser.  Speaking of the motor the AUTOart version does have access to the 3.8l monster.  Access is provided by a removal hatch, which is kept in place with three small magnets.  The operation and fit and finish here is excellent.  We could not find any images of the 570S with it hatch and motor exposed to verify operation. So, is the 1:1 removed in the same fashion or is it hinged?

The motor execution is on par with the P1, nothing overly detailed.  Though the 570S is entry level and the P1 is considered Signature.  We’re not saying it’s bad or good, it is average for an AUTOart model.  Detail is lacking.  Main reason, the plastic look and finish of the parts that create the whole.  A little finesse, a few more dollars can surely go along way here.

The wheels on the 570S come as seven arms or fourteen spoke rollers.  They are mated to massive cross-drilled rotors and huge Silver calipers front and rear.  The execution here is flawless and lives up to the standards of the rest of the model.  We do think a Black wheels option would have added a more sinister element; something for AUTOart to consider for variants?

Access to the McLaren 570S is permitted.  Both doors are accessible.  The operation here on our sample was flawless.  There are strut and three magnets on each side that keep everything in check.  Inside the two-tone interior (Tan on Black) works well with the Silver exterior.  Fit and finish of the various elements of the interior are completed well.  The interior is fully flocked to add another level of realism.  What we didn’t care for was the use of rubber seat-belt material in place of fabric.  AUTOart please reconsider your position here.  A few more cents in the fabric isn’t going to break the bank!  Though kudos to them for incorporating metal buckles into the design.

Well, the brass tax on this one is a recommendation.  Based on what is available today the AUTOart McLaren 570S provides a true 360 approach.  What does that mean?  We have a well-executed model that allows the end-user to access front, rear and interior.  Resin/sealed doesn’t offer this.  Also, the AUTOart design incorporated perforated metal when applicable too.  The exterior may seem boring to some, no worries.  AUTOart has the following coming to market soon White/Black Wheels, Mantis Green/Black Wheels, and 570S, McLaren Orange/Black Wheels.  Enjoy the pics!

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6 Responses to "REVIEW: AUTOart McLaren 570S"

  1. wackygt says:

    Execution of the engine cover for the 570S seems to be correct. The below link explains how to remove the engine cover.

  2. Roberto says:

    I like this color combo! IMO this Mclaren is better looking than the 675LT.

  3. Chall says:

    The engine still looks a little dull (the texture seems there, but the color is flat).

    However, everything else looks wonderful. I think AUTOart is getting closer and closer to making their composite line work. At this rate, we’re a year or two away from a real knockout release.

  4. Atalante says:

    Carbon fiber exterior elements are options on the 570S. Autoart chose to cut costs and make the 1:18 in its standard configuration which is fine. But IMO it would have been nice to have the extra CF finish.

  5. mcaf123 says:

    Nice review – I’ll wait to see the white and green, but this grey one looks nice and classy.

    AUTOart’s recent pics of the orange version show silver wheels, not black as you state.

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