Sneak Peak: TopSpeed McLaren Senna •

Sneak Peak: TopSpeed McLaren Senna

TopSpeed is giving fans a first look at their prototype 1:18 McLaren Senna in Mira Orange and Victory Grey.  The model is completed in resin with a sealed-body design.  We also see TopSpeed is ignoring the call for perforated grilles.  That is a bad ass piece of plastic in the rear!

The trend of supercar designers is somewhat aggressive in nature these days.  I wonder if Senna is rolling over in his grave.  Hopefully, the car performs better than it looks.  We’ll give McLaren some slack, it isn’t the ugliest thing on four wheels to arrive as of late.

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6 Responses to "Sneak Peak: TopSpeed McLaren Senna"

  1. George K says:

    Just a big wad of plastic.

  2. Robs model cars says:

    The real car is ugly, and the model is ugly as well. Rear solid grille is horrible. I would pay an extra few bucks for their models if they had photo etch grilles, I’m sure many would. It would take their models to the next level.

  3. Ollie says:

    It looks like something out of an Anime cartoon. I’m a huge McLaren fan but this thing is hideous.

  4. bservais says:

    WTF! What an ugly car!

  5. Veneno says:

    Hoping Aa would make this.

  6. Nordschleife says:

    I saw the original car in Geneva. Yes, it is absolute ugly.
    No idea what McLarens designers thought when they did this one.
    The model will not go on my shelf!
    Reminds me a bit on ,The Homer‘-car from the Simpsons…

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