REVIEW: AUTOart Porsche 911 (991) GT3 RS •

REVIEW: AUTOart Porsche 911 (991) GT3 RS

If there is one model on my most anticipated list for 2018 it would be the AUTOart Porsche 911 (991) GT3 RS.  The market has been flooded with a slew of sealed versions in both resin and diecast by the likes of Spark, GT Spirit and Minichamps.  I too back in 2017 gave into temptation and purchased a Spark replica in Silver.  This was soon sold as I learned the news that AUTOart would release the beast in fully opening under their composite series.  The next challenge was the colour.  With AUTOart temping us with an array of delicious colour options I went with my gut instincts, Lava Orange was the right choice for me.

Out of the box, the Lava Orange exterior pops.  And a car like this deserves something with a little taste of flashiness.  I apologize in advance if my basic photos skills don’t represent the trueness of colour.  Nonetheless, the paintwork is clean and consistent throughout – my example has no issues to report.  Panel gaps are excellent throughout, though the shut lines on the doors are slightly larger on the hinge side.

Front fender cooling/aerodynamic openings are beautifully executed too.  They are fully transparent to the underside and capped with perforated mesh.  The rear side cooling intakes are open as well, though not fully opened to the interworking of the motor or suspension.  Good marks for effort!

The front lowering intakes are completed with perforated grilles mated to a black solid piece.  Headlights and turn signals are both executed with quality materials.  Fit and finish throughout is solid.

Access to the front storage is available here.  Hinge work is completed with nice metal hinges on each side – note no strut supports made available.  The operation is flawless too.  AUTOart incorporated two small magnets on each side to aid in keeping the hood closed and shutlines tight.  Lastly, the storage area is fully flocked with first aid/tools to boot.

The rear of the Porsche 911 (991) GT3 RS is dominated by the large wing.  I love the use of small screws to adhere the support to the hatch and wing.  This adds the realism factor collectors carve.

Opening the hatch reveals little in terms of detail at first glance.  Underneath the hatch itself provides the cooling from the outer venting.  Also, there is a fully perforating mesh grille on the lip of the hatch itself.  Carbon fibre work on the lower lip is nicely done in a semi-gloss finish.  And finally, metal hinge work completes the package with flawless operation.

Quality materials are once again used on the rear taillights and side markers.  Exhaust and lower bumper trim are completed with care and seems to mimic the original well.  Undercarriage detail is presented with suspension bits highlighted in Silver at all corners.  Botton of motor detail is minimal at best.

Wheels of Porsche 911 (991) GT3 RS in pre-production were a bone of contention with fans.  Seems the rear curvature wasn’t present.  Well, I’m happy to report the production version serves the original well.  The wheel and tires are gorgeous on this model.  AUTOart even went the extra mile and provided tire texture and labels to the side walls.  Very nice!  Add the beautifully executed rotors and Yellow calipers, and the entire package is a win!

The interior shines here as well.  Incorporating the Lava Orange into the interior seats, roll-cage, door cards, and decals does work.  AUTOart’s use of materials in regards to interior flocking, various carbon fibre elements (seats), and painted bits in the dash and centre console work well.  Oh, I do have penis envy for the transmission shifter too (LOL).

Where the model fails slightly is the lack of actual fabric material used in the seat-belts and grab handles on the doors.  Seems AUTOart has moved away from true fabric to rubber.  AUTOart PLEASE reconsider your position here on future models.

What can I say that hasn’t said?  AUTOart’s Porsche 911 (991) GT3 RS is an outstanding piece from all angles.  It has met and exceeded expectations on all fronts.  The biggest issue is the lack of fabric used in the seat-belts and grabs handles.  If it wasn’t for this oversight I would have given the model near perfect marks.

Having a full 360 representation of a Porsche is paramount for me and I’m sure to many others.  There is no love lose selling my static Spark piece.  Those of you who are on the fence, I say without hesitation, GET ONE before they are all gone!  There is a slew of available colours to satisfy most.  Enjoy the pics!

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13 Responses to "REVIEW: AUTOart Porsche 911 (991) GT3 RS"

  1. Tezcan says:

    Hello. I do have the lava orange GT3 RS from Spark but i have no intention to sell it since in my opinion it looks better in quality especially regarding the paint and rim finish. But i do consider to get one from Autoart too if the Miami Blue color turns out OK. Thanks for the review. (That shifter!! :)

    • DS Team says:

      Though the Spark is a solid piece. I could not understand the short axles that depending on what side would allow the wheel offset to look completely wrong.

  2. spikyone says:

    ” I love the use of small screws to adhere the support to the hatch and wing. This adds the realism factor collectors carve’

    Are you sure? Where are they on the 1:1? They’d be about 2 inches in diameter! This is just AA cheaping out and using the easiest way of assembling the model.

    • DS Team says:

      Yes. It may not be 100% to scale but some aspects of scale modelling require the use of larger screws from reinforcement. I don’t think it looks bad at all.

      • spikyone says:

        The ones on the 1:1 are tiny in comparison, they’re barely visible in photos and they are in a completely different position. And they don’t have enormous Philips heads. AA could’ve used a different assembly method and moulded-in fake screws, which would’ve looked a hundred times better. They’re a far worse crime than the rims and really spoil the model.

    • John says:

      2″? On a 1:1, thy’d be about the size of a baseball. You’ld have have to carry the screw driver over your shoulder like a very large baseball bat!

  3. George K says:

    It’s great that they’ve branded the tires!

  4. MSZ says:

    The screws looked horrible on the wing. And oh yea the rear rims still looked wrong to me.

    • Alex Rosell Artiz says:

      YEESS, I was thinking the same, they are better than in the pre-production model but they are still not looking as good as the real one…

  5. amlv20 says:

    i love my Miami blue version I just got,really loving the painted interior on yours.might have to get one in orange.cant wait for the gt2 rs!

  6. BA says:

    Just look at the 1:1, and it is clear that the rear rims are wrong.

  7. Alex says:

    I now have this model in my collection and I absolutely love it! Few minor gripes such as the seat belt and grab handle materials, the gear shifter which looks incorrectly molded and it would have been nice to have the engine cover removable to reveal engine details below..

  8. Vince says:

    I have the Miami Blue, but since it’s a composite, it feels very light and cheap :( wished it was a diecast model.

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